Progress Report: The Blogging Brand and Youtube

First I thought I’d give a little report on the blog here. It’s been a long time since I really changed much and I had so many lofty goals at the beginning of the year that really haven’t been started yet… but hopefully thats going to change a little.

With the new computer complete and working well I’ve been working out how to record, and eventually edit to put on youtube. A gaming channel is on the way. So far I will probably put up a few random Archeage things while getting used to the process as there is a bit there to learn.

I kind of don’t want to do it half assed so picked up sony vegas and am currently learning how the whole thing works. so far that’s just been getting things to work within the program, and in a good enough quality which is harder than it sounds. Bandicam has a lot of different options there to record things and some of them just wouldn’t work in vegas. I downloaded a heap of extra codecs but even when working quality was sometimes poor or I had issues with playback and sound.

I think I eventually settled on the H.264 type… whatever that means. It recorded smoothly and once the codecs installed it worked well in vegas too. Good quality and reasonable size. The editing in Vegas is complex as well, lots of options and ways to edit that I have no idea about yet want to learn for this. I kind of don’t want to do it half assed. That first vid will be bad of course, it’s too be expected but hopefully not god awful.

I’m also working for a few others things while getting it started too. The main stuff is working out a splash screen, logo for it all and maybe some individual captions for certain games types. Lots of Browsing DA FONT for all of that plus playing around in GIMP. So far this is the style I had although I conned Doone into working on something for me too.


It’s a lot learn and it feels like I’ve only just scratched the surface. With this new project and also a bit of extra study load I’m thinking about cutting back on the blog. Every time I say that though I end up posting more sooooo… whatevs.

It’s got me now thinking about what games to actually record and produce first, and what experiences to do within them. What style of video is me as well. I don’t think I’ll do straigt review style and I’m not one to worry too much about long let’s plays unless it was an amazing game or would be particularly fun to watch.

Suggestions welcome but so far what I’m thinking as longer series are either terraria, Project zomboid and Dark souls. I have a tonne of smaller indie games I want to preview as well. It’s actually making me rather nervous thinking about it as youtube and creating videos seems like a huge step.

Don’t think this will mean me not writing though. There is so much I always have to say and video form just doesn’t seem write for that kind of word spam.

Gaming Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

After much harassment I ended up gett the Extreme Ultimate tron edition of Pacman… or whatever it’s name is (pacman Championship Edition). And surprisingly.. this game is AWESOME, and really addictive. It’s the same formula regular pacman, eat stuff and ghosts eat you but the design of the maps, gameplay changes and the entire aesthetic make it really enjoyable.


There is a range of maps to unlock and so far I’ve only played on the first two but they are really well designed, simplistic but multiple paths. The first is quite standard but with the Highway map all the paths go straight and can be passed through to the opposite side. MAkes for some fun movement although you really have to be aware of what’s over there at all times.

For gameplay it’s designed so that the pellets, and sleeping ghosts drop in patterns as you go and depending on how much of what’s left you get is when the high point food pops up and also the next pattern. The sleeping ghosts act like small barriers but you can activate by going nearby which makes them chase you. This can end up in some hugely exaggerated monster chains that are really fun to turn around and snack on when you get the boost. As you go it also goes faster and faster, this slows down when you die but by the end you are moving pretty fast, constantly turning and trying to both eat and activate the sleeper.


It’s going so fast that you just can’t keep up ata times with where things are and where your going but a cool little feature to help is that the when it looks like your going to die it enters some kind of matrix, slow mo scene and you can make tighter, faster movements to escape.

It’s really addictive.. Buy it….

I ended up buying Civ Beyond Earth in the end. I wasn’t going to just yet as I was going to wait for the sale and honestly, I was never that taken with civ 5 in the first place. Yeh it’s addictive in that one more turn kind of way but there was something mechanics wise that tempered my enjoyment.

anyway.. Beyond earth is the small expansion of 5 that many have said it to be. Same basic mechanics, same principles as 5 and basically the same exact gameplay just with reskinned, maps and units. It’s fine I guess and I spent all day playing without a break sooooo…. yeh, still civ

The one thing I thought is just how much slower the game plays. There really isn’t and moments or periods of the game where progress seems quick or disproportionate to others. There’s no game breaking techs or even paths that really change the game that much. Talking it throguh with Murf it’s like the whole early, and even mid game  has been removed now leaving the end, slower and steady progress style of the late game.

There is a bit I want to talk about but I think I need to play a little more to fully get a sense of the game. Expect more thoughts to come.

Of course I played Archeage too. Lots of fun, dungeon running, grinding crafting, completing trade runs and general ocean Piracy. It’s been enjoyable to be so wrapped up in an mmo again.



6 thoughts on “Progress Report: The Blogging Brand and Youtube

  1. I look forward to your videos. You may also want to check out Fraps and Open Broadcaster Software. I have used them both, but OBS is free to download.

  2. If you have a newer PC then i assume you have a newer video card. Those now come with the ability to record gameplay at a minimal hit to performance and rather small file sizes. Both of those Fraps does poorly. A great free option is MSI Afterburner software for recording. It’s generally used to overclock cards but has a great built in recording option. As far as payed options go, i don’t think you can get better than Dxtory. It has the most options and allows for multi-channel audio which is great for commentary.

    • I’ve been using bandicam for a bit now, mostly for screen caps but also a bit of recording and found it to be a decent program.
      Dxtory sounds interesting.. Computer always seems to want to get every source of sound, be nice to have both.

      • Thats pretty strong. I started trying the Junction mode. Thats pretty hard, but its really fun. its like highway except you pass through the top and bottom of the maze. For some reason that’s way harder than looking at the sides.

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