Healing Again in Archeage

I have to say that it’s kind of nice being back in a proper healing roll once more. The games recently it’s more been some sort of damage support situation you had to be happy with. My dragon knight in ESO was focused on Shielding and control and Guild wars 2 really didn’t have any dedicated healer types. Just situational skills on cool down. Wildstar was the same, everyone does everything kind of thing and I ended up going a Warrior to smash things anyway, which was fun but just not as satisfying.

Now that I’m back in a healing role it just feels right. I enjoy smashing faces of course but there is something enjoyable about a healing position and having both people dependant on you and you them. They need you to keep them alive and active and you need them to defend and kill. I miss that dependance and it’s rather comforting to have those king of set roles where your duties and responsibilities in the group are more defined rather than fluid and that controlled chaos of those other experiences.

Right now I’ve gone with the heirophant class which is Auramancy, Witchcraft and Vitalism. It’s a fun healing class with a mix of cc and big single target healing, not big enough sometimes but usually enough to keep someone alive long enough in a pinch. Vitalism is my primary class here and I’ve spent most of my points in it but Auramancy has some skills with good synergy too and a couple skills that make dungeon bosses a lot easier.

Witchcraft seems to be the third wheel a little and I have been thinking of changing it to something maybe more suited in pvp. Defence would help a lot as it seems a lot of the damage I take is physical, those sword stealthers or being pincushioned from afar by archers. It adds defence plus a few extra cool downs that I think would by better for adding resistance than the fear or bubble. Not sure yet.

Song craft is a strong choice as it adds a lot of really powerful group buffs to the mix plus a better aoe heal but my biggest concern with that class is staying close at all times for buffing which isn’t great during large group fights where the healer is a primary target. Our guild already has a couple too so I kind of feel having a balance of big single target heals and group buffers is better. Strumming the guitar or using the flute in battle does look pretty funny, but badass  in battle… All those effects surrounding you and your allies.

The other I’m levelling too is Shadowcraft. First is that with Witchcraft and Sorcery it makes the really strong Darkrunner combination. A powerful pvp killer and ganker plus decent dps. Second is that it might  be fun having the stealth plus movement capabilities of the Shadowcraft as a healer. The added movement will make me hard to pin down and with being often tagged up even before a fight by enemy guilds engaging  from stealth might  make me harder to pinpoint. Just using it as a mid way disengage would screw with the opposition trying to get me.

I’ve really just embraced the whole role this time and it’s been so long. It’s my blogs namesake after all and yet I’ve barely touched this kind of role since its inception. I’ve grown far more comfortable as an mmo gamer in that time; more skilful and knowledgeable about it all and the common thought is that healers are more the choice for people that are unsure. Let the arrogant and self assured DPS do their work and the stoic Tank hold it together. I know that’s not true but sometimes it feels like it’s the way things are thought of.

The more sure I get though the more I enjoy that role which you think would be the opposite. Get used to a game and branch out to other, more spectacular and noticeable rolls. But I don’t want to just worry solely about my dps rotations and whatever I”m hitting, I am far more concerned with the group as a whole. The coordination and situational awareness that comes with that and just the critical thinking skills to plan your actions based on that. It’s actually quite an intense role with a lot of pressure in it.. But that’s enjoyable.

I got to take this all a step further over the Sunday night play session too and do a bit of raid leading. It was near the end of the night for our Hasla raid after our leader Van had to go and I kind of stepped up to keep the group going. Calling out movements and attacks, enemy positions and plans of engagement was nerve wracking at first but once you feel that rhythm it gets rather cool. Extremely stressful but cool.

As a healer I think I kind of suited that role, you’re more back from the main fighting force so you get a good view of the whole fight so making. Seems to be easier to make those decisions then instead of when your balled up in the thick of the fighting and concentrated on killing rather than some sort of grand plan. Its great that even after these years I”m still learning mroe about mmo’s like this, it’s not mechanics or even game based but something about how we play. Broadening my interests and growing as a player.

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