Link Dead Radio: Roles and Reason

The Links

  • Check out the internet Arcade. A project of emulating many of the older arcade experiences to be played in a browser
  • Wolfy’s Eyes wonders about a life outside of combat in our online worlds and the elements that could support it

Ultimately, my point is that we all shouldn’t be forced into the combat field.  Some of us would rather help in other ways that don’t involve being a tank or a healer because the Dungeon Finder Netherbeast is endlessly hungry.  Some of us are completely ice-cold cool with being the NPC locked in an endless animation of tanning a hide in the hub city.  Some of us think that it’d be cool to actually cry out in the town to shop our store instead of endlessly spamming a trade channel for a thing we posted in a cold Auction House.

  • Spinksville thinks about the nature of learning in mmo’s and how it seems to be a more personal self orientated aspect now. Learn by yourself as others don’t want to help and hamper there own progress
  • TL DR looks at the benefits of gaming within a few recent psychological studies
  • Spooky Urban Legends in gaming from 1001 up
  • I linked to this Leo’s Life in the previous post but it’s also a great post that looks into how failure drives his progress in game. To learn and get more skilled. To progress through the game.
  • MMO Gypsy looks at Landmark and the land of the perpetual Beta and the level of burnout being felt
  • Aggronaut explores a few issues that restrict playing with others in online spaces

The Vids

Star Citizen FPS demo

Halo 2 cinematic launch trailer

Battlecry Gameplay

The crew customization

The swindle Trailer

This war of mine Gameplay trailer

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