A Night in Hasla

To test out all this recording and uploading business I thought to record a little Archeage PvP action. This type of thing is a pretty regular activity for the guild as Hasla is where you farm tokens in Archeage for decent weapons. An activity that’s being pushed even more with the next Update. Oh.. and we’re totally being bullies and trying to own the whole area..=p

The actual run was well over an hour so I compressed it a little and sped the whole thing up to be around 20. Played around with images inside as well as a few effects and there you go. The 10 hours it took to upload on my net was the worst though lol.

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Finding a Face for Gaming

So I finally got around to watching that Anita Sarkeesian interview on the Colbert report and while it was just as pointless as I thought for the average person in the gaming know it’s still interesting to see how she has been propped up lately to be the face of Gaming in popular media. It seems all these attacks have done was create attention around here and her brand. It is these things that have created awareness around her to the point that her name has gone beyond our gaming community, and that reach seems to be growing.

However I don’t think I would want her as the spokesperson of gaming. I am already sold on what she’s selling, hell, i’ve sold it as well but I’m just not really sold on the sales person. Now it’s not because of any complaints or concerns about her credentials, you play games or identify as a gamer then that’s good enough for me. You research something as well and that gives you the right to critique it. It’s more that I don’t feel her passion in the same way I do when people like Mark Jacobs and David Georgeson, or even people like Hideo Kojima speak. There are so many youtube personalities out there as well that I think would be far more suited. As much as I hate Pew die Pie .. why not?

It seems that’s what is kind of needed right now within the popular media. Someone to look towards as a spokesperson, maybe not even one person to look towards instead of constantly refferring to whatever “expert” they pick out at the time. Most of the time we get no voice in those arguments, just the same old gaming is evil line so it would be nice to have someone that could be the voice, that is known and respected for it. That people admire.

Sooo.. quick question then, Who would you want to be the face of gaming?

Couch PODtatoes 20: Level Bashing

This is not, the greatest POdcast in the world… no, this is but a tribute. Couldn’t remember, the greatest podcast in the world.. no, this is but a tribute.


Well, we seem to be having a bad run with technical issues on this show. If it’s not me having sound and mic issues it’s the internet doing wacky things or this time the show not recording. This time we were blessed enough with both Murf and That Angry Dwarf for the show but unfortunately that one is lost to the ether now. It’s a shame that as we had an amazing discussion.

The topic for this week was levels and it wasn’t a very balanced discussion, just how much we dislike the current implementations. We talked about the different mechanics involved with levels as well as the areas of the game they encompass. I think it was unanimous, in both podcasts that the restrictive nature of levels needs to be lessened if not removed. That’s not to say there shouldn’t be gating but that it should be social in nature.There are a few elements we enjoy about levels and especially about getting that feeling of progression, I just feel like theri are better ways to approach that issue.

Anyway.. here it is soo ENJOY

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