A Night in Hasla

To test out all this recording and uploading business I thought to record a little Archeage PvP action. This type of thing is a pretty regular activity for the guild as Hasla is where you farm tokens in Archeage for decent weapons. An activity that’s being pushed even more with the next Update. Oh.. and we’re totally being bullies and trying to own the whole area..=p

The actual run was well over an hour so I compressed it a little and sped the whole thing up to be around 20. Played around with images inside as well as a few effects and there you go. The 10 hours it took to upload on my net was the worst though lol.

Next I want to find a good collection of music that won’t hit on any filters.

thoughts welcome.

The whole Hasla thing is a good and bad thing in my opinion. It gives a great option for those wanting to gear up in a more PvP domain. Owning this space and gaining tokens let you get a decent weapon set to fight for.  It’s a total grind needing 150 tokens to get just one weapon, and there are individual tokens for each type of weapon. It kind of sucks but the PvP makes it more enjoyable.

OF course being a rather open area and mostly a PvP space it’s usually the faction with the greatest numbers that gets to control the most of it and of course earn more tokens. Sometimes there is a tenuous balance there. with a few spots getting divided up between the groups, and other times it’s complete chaos. Mostly we tend to instigate that chaos =p

Every several hours in game there is an event here as well that rewards more tokens than normal. Lots of mobs to kill and gather from and also a few biggies during the final stage that give 25 each. It speeds the process up but these mobs are concentrated in a much smaller part and this space gets contested even more.

Right now it is a decent catch up mechanic for people that don’t have crafting capabilities or the gold for decent weapons but it seems that balance is going to be ruined soon and make Hasla far more important. The Auroria Patch is coming soon and one of the things coming in is bringing a second and third tier of Hasla weapons to get. These weapons are comparable to some of the top tier crafting ones that take a huge amount of time and gold to create. In a way it invalidates this work entirely and places the importance instead on the Hasla grind.

Before it was kind of nice to have the option but these Hasla weapons aren’t tradeable. Right now you can earn gold to buy a decent weapon outright or craft it yourself. Then there are the dungeon weapons to go after. With this change people are just going to go after the easier and cheaper Hasla option. Well.. not exactly easier, it’s an insane grind for them but at least that way you can put your resources towards other areas of gear progression.

Unfortunately with this greater importance I see the bigger guilds taking more of an interest in the space and trying to control it for their own gearing purposes. On my server Kyrios the bigger zerg guilds are far more on the east side which will put the west in a long term disadvantage. East will gear up faster and better and being able to control the space more

I’m just not liking placing the importance, and pushing people into a PvP space for their gearing. It was nice having other ways and I enjoyed how crafting was more important. I like options and enforcing one style whether it be PvP or raiding, or whatever is annoying.