Auroria and Housing Hacks

I was rather dismissive of people’s concerns about housing given the game started. You’ll get some eventually as people leave and places go unpaid I said.

I saw the hackers and such claiming these lands without any contest, immediately upon them coming available and before the client was even aware. This went unpunished for a long time and while there were certain bans lately that went out it seems they missed a lot of these land moguls. The programs for this type of hack still work with impunity.

And now we get to Aurora. The last bastion of hope people had for land. Even though it is in a pvp space, a large lawless land it is still land. A place for farms and somewhere to call home but even this has been ruined by what appears to be the same land hacking. I wasn’t even there at the time due to issues with the Bullshit Hackshield but from the reports I have heard most, if not all of the land was gone in seconds.. And I do mean seconds. Singular names there were getting dozens of large spots and the rest claimed around it seemingly faster than anyone legitimately could. I know a guildy got a space for a 16×16 farm but that was only because he was in the ts of Dark Ascension, one of the guilds putting down the castle so he knew the exact moment it was happening.

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While I know the owners of these castles are already clearing out the people in the immediate vicinity who might  have been illegitimate, and some even putting their taxes to max just to drain some of their certs first to then destroy, their is still a lot of land not in the vicinity that was taken in which the castle owners don’t have that kind of control over and it’s apparently mostly all gone now. Sure you can get a small farm down if you look but I believe all the larger spaces are already gone now.

This is the time the shit needs to get sorted. Enough of having a game where the land, a big part of the gameplay is getting controlled by exploitative players and getting resold for exorbitant prices. They are inflating the price through these actions and directly profiting from it all. I’m not even saying this as a player scorned and without space. I’ve had a decent plot of land from that first weekend. This is for everyone else out there still waiting or maybe even on the brink of leaving.

No more excuses Trion, either pressure the XL overlords into taking immediate action or get of your arses yourself and figure out ways that you can control and mitigate the situation.

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5 thoughts on “Auroria and Housing Hacks

  1. This whole thing is just depressing to see, as a possible AAge player sometime later (I’ve been locked out of trying due to Glyph slapping me with Error #2016). Being a farming fishing fluffybutt carebear is sort of the draw, and not having some piece of the dream to call my own is a game killer.

    Here’s hoping this gets sorted fast…but the arms race currently has the exploiters ahead of the curve by weeks, it seems. 😦

  2. This is the final issue that’s pushed me to pack up my stuff and take my money elsewhere. I enjoy a lot about AA, but I can’t keep supporting a game that does nothing to prevent this and protect paying customers. Unless they can turn this around fast, I worry this is only the tip of the iceberg of issues this game will have in the future.

    I hope for your sake, and the sake of others still playing, they get their act together.

  3. The exploits have driven me away from ArcheAge. The specialty workbench beam hacks are driving the trade markets, the zoning hacks dominate PvP and building houses/farms etc. is almost impossible. I’m very much disappointed, this was the mmo I was about to play for a long time. But after the alpha (which I played from beginning on) everything went downhill *very* fast. Pretty sad.

    • I haven’t seen too many of the teleport hacks lately . It is sad that that there inability to control the game is pushing people away

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