Progress Report: Back from the Dead

As you can see the blog has been a little abandoned lately. I actually think this is the biggest break from writing here since the blogs inception which Is rather weird. I’ve had that rain, hail or shine type attitude here with post timing. A stalwart approach making sure there was always, at least a few posts a week, including my regular Monday link post.

The reason is that some of the family from peters side came to visit us all the way from Sydney. They stayed at our house for the time and of course it’s a little rude to sit back on my puter while they mill around the house, or so I’m told. The weekend was pretty busy with them, chatting and such the first day, a big lunch with a lot of the other family meeting up the next and just the usual things. They also seemed to stay up late which night have been my one bastion for writing… Well, there was one night but the gaming withdrawals needed to be filled more than the blogging ones.

What I was doing was finally getting around to reading the Game of thrones books. I find it funny how the laptop was rude but ignoring people because you’re reading a book is fine…. Old people. I’m only on the first one but it is interesting to see all the dialogue and banter you miss out on as well as the character development and small plot points that the show didn’t hit on. While I still enjoy the shows, even how they differ it seems good to read these too as they do well to flesh it out further.

They left this morning which is good, it was nice seeing them but it’s also very nice to get our space back once again. I’m a hobbit by nature and I traders into my realm are only tolerated for so long. This weekend is a long weekend too which is pretty awesome. It’s the g20 in Brisbane so we get a public holiday which means more time spent catching up on gaming and blogging. Also maybe getting my resume together as I’m rather older the Bs of my current workplace but that’s another issue entirely.

So far I have a lot of plans. I kind of miss my farm in ArcheAge although not the Rng wall I’d been banging my head against with crafting rings. Getting back into PvP again will be great and I really want to see this new large continent. Explore once again.

I getting into the CCG Hex lately and it’s a lot more complex that Hearthstone. Just adding the ability to defend and use spells in your own turns adds a whole range of new strategies.

Mass Effect 3 is still waiting for my, I want to finish that and I was also thinking about Dark Souls.. A game I’ve been meaning to start and that I was even thinking would be a cool first time lets play style record thing.

Other youtube projects involve a few video review things I was working on too that I might get time to finish. Video has mostly been captured for them and the audio recorded for one. I even have the review written out as well cause I kind of like their being both available. Can’t wait to get some feedback on them. It’s weird though that they don’t really have the same style as my writing tends too, a little more serious which is weird.

On the writing side a lot to do. I have had a few ideas for a while I needed to write. Couch Podtatoes Episode 21 still hasn’t been updated here, and it was a fun one because I was actually awake for this recording. This week’s recording didn’t happen either. I was of course busy this week and Izzy had things on as well…. Sad times. Ooooo.. and I also have a tasty rant brewing… Haven’t done one of those in a while.

I should really catch everyone up on what I’ve been watching too. Ended up plowing through the first season of Fairy Tail and caught up on a few more shows… But that was the week before when I’d crippled myself and was off work.

Murf gave me an idea this week too that I might just follow on with. I made the blogging goal to try an old game I hadn’t at the beginning of this year and he put trying WOW into my head. I’ve never played it beyond an hour of the trial and it must be the juggernaut of the genre for a reason. Would be an interesting experiment as well to actually play the game that changed the foundation of the genre for so long too. With the new expansion, the Aussie servers and such now seems a good time to try it maybe. Anyone know of a cheap place to pick it all up?

Oh and for now on ill be truncating the posts on the main blog Page. Just seemed to make it feel a lot less accessible with the endless scrolling through my word spam. Rss will remain full text though. Oh and chucking and advertisement for a wow guide site up on the widget side too… Money money money.


5 thoughts on “Progress Report: Back from the Dead

  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing. I get times when I find it difficult to fit it in, and I have to admit it’s lower on my priority list than some of my other interests. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break though and you come back feeling refreshed.

    I’ve often thought that too, why is reading or being engrossed in a TV program less rude than being on a laptop or playing games. I find a lot of people don’t make sense in what what they consider appropriate or inappropriate. Confuses me :s. You should give Dark Souls a go, it’s an awesome game. 😀

    • Just old world values in a way that haven’t caught up. I know it’s a little more antisocial though when I’ve got my headphones on and am absorbed in a game, was playing mass effect just yeaterday and listening to the conversations and peter got shitty because he was talking and I didn’t hear him haha. Although, I have had moments with books where i get in that bubble space as well.

      • The thing is, it can be considered the opposite problem with a book. That it seems kind of rude to talk to someone if they’re reading. That could just be me though, I hate it when I sit somewhere quiet to get through a really good chapter just to have people come in and talk to me. I don’t like my game cut scenes being talked over either (when it was rarer to have a pause function on them,) because it takes time to get to that point. People just seem to think you can re-do a bit if you miss it, when it might have actually been really time consuming to get there in the first place. Then again, I once accidentally snapped at my mum for interrupting me while I was near death on Tibia (due to high death penalty I was feeling a bit on edge,) but I felt really guilty about it afterwards. I went to apologize for appearing like some crazed angry gamer, but she got in first and admitted the fault was on her end, which I really didn’t think it was :p.

        I think what is considered rude can be a matter of perspective. I always try to pause my game when people walk in on me now though. The friendship I had with my sister went to tatters and games were partly to blame for that. As much as I love my games I regret letting such problems come between us. It’s just difficult when you’ve arranged to play with friends on an online game or they interrupt you in the middle of an unpausable boss fight that you’re finally about to win (like Dark Souls.) I tend to just tell them to give me a moment to finish up and then I’ll be right with them, but not everybody understands.

        I’ve also been criticised for playing games in public from people who do nothing but message people on their phones while you’re with them. :/

      • Oh yeh.. that book stuff is annoying and my hubby does it a lot. I go to the bedroom to read and like 5 minutes later he’s there at the door talking to me.
        Cutscene interruptions are annoying too. I think most people believe they are like a movie and you can just pause it to continue later but most aren’t like that… although would be good if they were.

        And trust me… have snapped plenty of times at the hubby too lol. PvP stuff and he starts interrupting me then i snap, and he sulks for a bit and I have to go kiss and make up haha.

        AND YESSSSSSS.. nobody understands. Your being polite. just give me a minute but apparently that’s not good enough.

        So many double standards… think this would all make a good blog post on it’s own lol

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