Link Dead Radio: Making up for lost time edition

Bel Folks Stuff is a new Podcast project from the venerable Belghast where he interviews people from the Blogging community about their interests, current issues and news and a lot of other things. Looks to be a great series that’s only just begun. Check out the Second show form this week where Rowan Blaze and his wife Scooter joined Bel.

and now let’s continue to some more links and vids

The Links

  • Some wonderful artistic poster style images of Eve Ships. Props to TAGN for the post to highlight them.
  • Black Desert is Heading into Open Beta soon and one of the main fan sites is showing off the scenery.. seriously beautiful
  • Gamercrash is talking about the trouble with side content in open world games and the feeling of diluting the content and burnout
  • Spinksville ruminates on mmo’s as a life simulation but diverts in how it’s nice that they a more based around creating equality between players with a clean slate and ways of catching up.
  • Weekly Wizardry Thinks of a few ways that housing could be made more meaningful
  • Gamer By Design takes a look at the recent Overwatch announcement and videos and believes this is diversity done well. I have to agree as their are so many fun, interesting and unique characters from a range of backgrounds.
  • We Game United Discusses the effects of story on them as the key to enjoyment and immersion

More Great PvP discussions to look at

  •  Why I game Looks at the terms PvP and PvE, their components and what they mean to her.
  • Leo’s Life attacks PvP a little and replies to a few comments around it from a previous post. They look at the value of PvP, the values behind it as well as real world analogies
  • Mystical Mesmer ways in on the debate with looking at the context, the environment and the mechanics they happen in

Chibi time thank to Gypsy Syl with a sweet chibi maker that consumed a bit of time


The Vids

A sailors Dream – exploration style mobile title

Dragon age: Inquisition

Geometry Wars 3

This War of mine

Massive Chalice

Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamet

Never Alone

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void


Lost Ark Online – basically the Korean Diabloe.. you know over the top effects and the prettiest thing imaginable

psycholgy of high scores

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