The Power of Zerg Compels you

The one thing I’ve noticed about pvp mmo’s or those that are more based around open pvp is that they are rather unbalanced by numbers. It is the zergs that often dominate and I find that far more damaging than the frequency and style of ganking. Getting ganked is fleeting but zergs are often able to completely dominate a server when they are on and get increased rewards because of it.

Often in these games the content is more designed towards these large zergs as well. In the new ArcheAge release it will only ever be the biggest guilds that will own castles and the reward from this is rather extravagant. These guilds already had the advantage with Freedrich trading and world boss fights, the ability to pool resources and really get ahead on gear and now this is widening that gap even further.

As a Medium Size guild it has been hard to find our own way within the game because of this, we aim a bit higher due to our member but are unable to compete for the top spots at times. We do often control certain spaces quite well and get that sense of overwhelming power. We control Hasla and even Freedrich Island for a time but these moments are often quite short. The eastern zerg guilds are quite numerous, especially from the Sea timezone and they dominate quite easily.

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Be verrrry Verrrry Quiet.. zergs Below


Of course it’s still fun to bang your head against those zergs a few times as it is an insane learning point. Getting you group and singular strategies down in order to take them on and sometimes even win but if the usual Die, Conquistador, prx, synapse zergs, to name a few, enter the mix there really is no chance.

It is a rather disempowering situation as in many recent games with more balanced modes like gw2 and ESO we have seen more balanced fights, and not so unbalanced as to be impossible. Here it gets to the point where you just give up on the content we were trying. Sometimes the night just ends there as progression via these paths becomes blocked.

It has led us to being a bit more adaptable with what we are going to do though and branching out into other areas of the game. Mostly this has been heading into the ocean, the great equalising space. The area to explore here is incredibly large and the types of groups are incredibly varied. You have small crafts both trading packs in and trying to steal those packs. Small clippers with small groups. There are fishing ventures of single people all the way to large guild groups out there. Then there is the huge trade ship/warship expeditions.

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It’s been fun in a way to fit into this environment as you feel to tension a lot more readily. Instead of being an all or nothing rofl stomp, being done to others or done to you, you can shape the experiences you do have in a way by engaging or running away. The radar you can get is incredibly valuable and lets you, pretty much pick your fights. You can see what’s out there to a certain degree and plan accordingly. It’s a profitable place for the medium size groups as there seem to be a lot of little fish in the sea… so punny.

It’s kind of fun just going out ganking as well in whatever zone is currently at war within the other faction. Only takes a small group to make a big impact there and because their aren’t any objectives or needed parts to control your far more flexible to where you hunt so you aren’t going to be camped as much like the other main spaces. It doesn’t gain you much beyond a few notches on the belt but still something to do to break up the monotony of the usual money and gear making activities.

It’s great that there are other PvP activities to do that create experiences for varying group sizes, otherwise it would feel rather repressive and the faction imbalance even more problematic. Unfortunately these activities while fun, and adding to progression a little just don’t seem as rewarding or important. The zergs continue to get the best spots, the best gear, the best rewards and content within auraria tailored to them.

I wondering know how you fix that type of problem. It seems pervasive with even eve falling to it with Zerg guilds like the CFC controlling a lot of space and profiting from it. Is it just making the risk larger in terms with growth or are there other ways? Is it just making sure there is content there for varying group sizes even if it isn’t as valuable? I’m not sure really but it’s an interesting dilemma.

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