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So I finished that first preview video and I’m a bit partial on it and just asking for input before putting it live. There are a few things I know to fix for next time. Recording into audacity as well gives me a separate line to work with in Sony Vegas but also lets me clear up the audio in certain ways. The video seemed clean and I think I figured out a decent setting to make the image reasonably clean but a decent size.

Transcript below

Nom Nom Galaxy is the next project form the Pixel junk team, a group that has created quite a few classics downloadable titles for the ps3. Usually it is an insane but cute take on a similar genre type but changed around enough to be an interesting and unique take.

Nom Nom galaxy is more of that style of iteration and this time on the base building and management genre. Of course it’s bright and colourful with the insanity of an idea based around collecting ingredients and making soup with them to send of to… hmm, some kind of intergalactic slug monsters. Unfortunately it seems the extent of their creativity and innovation was the idea rather than the actual gameplay.

Now that might be a little harsh, the game is still an`access model and is probably missing a few mechanics and build options. So far there have been a few improvements and additions during the development but nothing that really changes the core gameplay. There are materials to gather, you collect and plant these near your base to make easy to get materials and then maybe venture out for a few of the rarer ones when needed but often that’s very time consuming and not worth the trip.

There is very little depth needed to the building aspects and it seems there is one optimal path. Build everything in one spot on the same plain, horizontally. The ai of the minions is incredible dumb and when working with different layers I found the movement of materials to be extremely haphazard. You could never be certain if what you were gathering was going to end up where it was needed.

The part I dislike the most because of this silly ai is that the whole game takes a lot of constant management. Endless busy work to maintain your station. You’re the one going out and collecting the materials constantly, killing whatever. planting and harvesting and then even having to ensure materials go where they are supposed to at times. there is even a time based mechanic that makes materials disappear if not being held or stored. Your constantly active and for me, I like creating a system in these games where you get to a point that you can relax and bask in the beauty of the cogs turning and everything working.

You can’t even build the base that big as you’re quickly met with power constraints to deal with and Add to that the invasions of mobs that rain down, that are stupidly easy to handle with a simple sword upgrade but take time to complete and you never seem to have any down time. For a management game I just find that kind of thing tiring and it removes my favorite aspect of optimising the processes. Building stuff rather than and making minions and machines do all the work rather than yourself.

There are a few interesting glimpses here and there. The way you gather materials through digging and how the land reacts is pretty cool. The upgrading style is basic but makes it feel like you’re making progress. And making gold means more and more minions and other personal consumables to use. While playing the demand within the galaxy also changes too and this further rewards sending out soup with certain ingredients.

Unfortunately that just isn’t enough to hook me. I went in wanting some kind of building sim involving micro management and instead found out I was needed in every single aspect for each and every process at near each and every moment. Now maybe that’s my poor expectations but then if combat and these actions were the most important part I would expect them to be far more entertaining… it’s just boring.


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