Couch Podtatoes Ep22: Psychological Search

This week we explored a subject from my own Background, Psychology. While most probably know I’ve been working in Child care for a while, one thing I do have is a Bachelor in Psychology. I never followed through with it, which might have been a little silly. I was a bit disillusioned at the time with what I witnessed of the current state of the mental health system. It’s all rather appalling. I could have still entered a field dealing with statistics and research though, I was quite good at the math side and did find the work interesting… hmmm, maybe later.

Anyway, while completing my psych degree I did learn quite a bit and it did instill an interest in the field which I have kept with me. This episode was a time to get to show this a little and a few elements I’ve been thinking of regarding gaming. NOw it’s  not an in-depth look just more a superficial talk about the elements we all might see, understand and be able to talk about so I’m sure most can relate.

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I’m sure most people are aware of the Bartle test by now and how it is gaining a greater part of development in mmo’s, one recent example being Wildstar. We also talk about whether some of the other Personality tests might be of use when creating content to be engaging. Tests like the Myer Briggs and The Big 5 which more deal with how you might approach a situation and the emotional reasoning behind it.

This led into a discussion on Identity in games and how we view our characters. Whether we impart our own ideals on our avatars or create separate identities on them and then, how this will often change how we would answer the tests from before.


We discuss Difficulty a little and how we all feel about it’s importance and place in games. The effects in might have in how we approach games as well as the content being developed. I broached a few notions of Self Efficacy as well, the thought of gaining confidence and mastery through completion of difficult content and how this can be broached better in games.

I think I might have to write a post about this I’ve been mulling over for a bit.

Cash Shop 

Yep, we rant about the hate of cash shops and the ways they try, aand succeed in manipulating us. Also how we seem to see the prevalence and focus on this model within the entire industry.

One Article to look at is at Gamasutra that shows a few tricks of ftp we talked about

Video Game Addiction

I make my case for whether or not it can be considered an addiction and we all give a few personal accounts of our own failures of the mind and flesh.

DSM Criteria here, would like your own thoughts too

  • Tolerance: Does the patient tend to need more of the drug over time to get the same effect?
  • Withdrawal symptoms: Does the patient experience withdrawal symptoms when he or she does not use the drug?
  • Continued use of drug despite harm: Is the patient experiencing physical or psychological harm from the drug?
  • Loss of control: Does the patient take the drug in larger amounts, or for longer than planned?
  • Attempts to cut down: Has the patient made a conscious, but unsuccessful, effort to reduce his or her drug use?
  • Salience: Does the patient spend significant time obtaining or thinking about the drug, or recovering from its effects?
  • Reduced involvement: Has the patient given up or reduced his or her involvement in social, occupational or recreational activities due to the drug?

Psychological Benefits

We all have a few stories regarding Gaming’s place and benefit to our own lives. Personally I’m rather introverted, social but introverted and gaming gave me a great outlet to engage with others in a way that was more comfortable. It’s also allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.

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2 thoughts on “Couch Podtatoes Ep22: Psychological Search

  1. Funny timing as I was reading about video game addiction yesterday pondering whether I could try to gain experience in this area for counselling 🙂 I came across this list of possible symptoms of gaming addiction, might be useful:

    The symptoms that should alert you to a possible video game addiction are as follows:

    *The gamer thinks about gaming all or most of the time. When they are not gaming they are talking about games, thinking about games and looking at game reviews or videos of games.
    *The gamer seems to change moods when they are playing a game, typically becoming either numb and expressionless or manic and overinvolved when playing.
    *After periods of limiting or stopping gameplay, the gamer inevitably starts playing again to the same problematic levels. It is as if they can’t help stop themselves from gaming in an unhealthy way.
    *Whenever the gamer is forced away from playing games they become aggressive, moody or antagonistic, sometimes even getting the sweats or shakes.
    *The gamer seems to have to play for longer and longer in order to get the same enjoyment out of games that they used to. An increasing proportion of their gaming time is spent chasing these old feelings.
    *Conflict seems to arise out of the time spent gaming, often when other responsibilities impose themselves on gaming or vice versa. The gamer seems to be increasingly at odds with others offline.

    I’ve always said during my early years of playing WoW that I was addicted to the game and kept trying to force myself to take sufficient breaks and to remember to eat. o:)

    • Yeh that seems to be pretty much the same as the DSM.

      I most definitely have been many times throughout my life, it waxes and wanes though and pretty much depends on a mmo release or one I’m stuck in. AA was pretty bad for a month, Rift got me good as well.

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