Link Dead Radio: MMO Mechanics and Roles

First  the MMO Gypsy has released the schedule and a new Website about having a very Blogging christmas by focusing on the gooey, yummy bits about gaming and community.

Now keep going for more amazing links … WOOOOOO

The Links

  • 7 days a week continues their interesting tale of experiences in Archeage, go check it out.
  • Weekly Wizardry Is talking about non combat classes and the mechanics and stories this might involve.
  • Raph Koster Analyses World of Warcraft and it’s ten years of influence and growth
  • Werit gets a QnA with the devs of The Repopulation about housing, The crafting system, non combat roles and certain questing style mechanics.
  • Thanlen Speaks debates the difference between Role-Playing and Roll-Playing

 It’s easy to see where the conflict can arise; a role-player may make decisions that result in increased difficulty because doing otherwise wouldn’t be consistent with the character they’ve created.  A roll-player may focus on what improves their capabilities, even if the resulting character behavior is wildly inconsistent.

The Vids

This is (the uncensored) eve

Lost Ark Online… a look at the features

Oh and check out stepuru’s channel for a lot more of the vids from this weeks Gstar event

Game of Thrones… the telltale one


Never Alone

Little Big Planet 3: Community Crafted

Goat MMO Simulator.. fro the lolz i guess


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