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It’s been a busy week so far. On the personal front the hubby has his work cover stuff finally being finalised but this involves going to a tribunal where the case is heard and the decision on the injury and impairment are settled.
So next week’s it’s either going to be me like this

Or this
no money

It’s been a bit of a stressful time for both of us and I’ve been taking a bit of time away from serious gaming to more be with the hubby. Surprisingly I still played a lot but that’s more because ArcheAge play seems to have disappeared.

ArcheAge, where to start. I still have the interest there but I think my play fell off because I just don’t have any goals I want to work towards. I tried handicraft and making accessories to see if I could gear up and also make money but due to the ridiculous RNG involved there I have up with a loss of, I would say around 1000 gold. Pretty shit really to make a needed part of gearing up and the reason for a crafting professions such an unequivocal time, labour and gold sink without any tangible rewards. I think it beats the Mystic toilet for shit RNG too.

Trade runs have slowed down now as Hellswamp just doesn’t seem to go into peace time any more. Random ganks aren’t enough to keep it going and most of the big action that happened here has moved to the ocean or aurora.

Hasla farming; for weapons is ridiculous full stop. I like playing with a group there but making it a required part, and such a lengthy part of progression is stooooopidity.

Caste sieging is of course at a time I, and many others can’t get involve. O, n monday morning. Another company forgetting that they have an international audience so Yay I guess. Gg that I’ll probably never be involved with one.

No reason to visit aurora really either. Sad that there doesn’t seem to be much content their beyond the zerg groups building castles, and that’s rather minimal. The raid is said to be rather impossible too so people are still running gha and others instead. There just should have been ways there if gearing up, something like special mobs or bosses. Things to fight over for large AND small groups.

The economy is rather pointless to be a part of now too. Hyper inflation from the hacks and exploits has made it a mess and there really isn’t much you need unless your praying to the rngod of regrades. Just a whole ugggghhh system that could have been good, that was good at a time but was ruined for fuck knows why. Money, greed, themepark blinders.

Overall ArcheAge is just a game whose vision was continuously changed through its vision and it shows in the inconsistency. Mechanics that are pointless. Some that aren’t used to their potential. An open world idea with a whole theme park system crammed down its gullet. An overseas overlord that seems either indifferent to the glaring issues or too incompetent to actually fix it. There are good parts, new experienced and feelings that hook me and do keep wanting and stuff that is refreshingly different from the usual but wow do you have to put up with some bullshit first. Open pvp is still fun, random gaps and guild fights but is that enough to drive interest in an mmo, probably for a bit longer.

After reading of Jeromai’s bumblings in Prison Architect I had to have another go. Last I left it it was a fun Management and building game  with many areas to be aware of and a decently deep background to work on and over time it has grown even more. There are a few more mechanics now to learn and incorporate and it seems the ai of the prisoners has gotten a  further tweak to make them more meaningful and well, harder to control.

One thing interesting is all the new wiring. The cameras get wired up to their control panel to use but now there are new ways to wire up and make doors open remotely instead of by a guard every time. You can even wire them up to things like timers which I’m working at during the moment to make the cell doors open in the morning and close at night by themselves.

Prisoner personality has changed too. More violent for some and the need to be more careful with regular patrols in public spaces. There is drug addiction now which makes some act weird at times and also results in overdoses. Contraband in general seems to be a much bigger issue with prisoners attaining it more readily from rooms and guests bringing it in more now too.

Just seems a lot more there to worry about, more complex management which is great. It’s getting more and more addictive and I think ranks right up there with my favourite builders of all time. Loving my prison too…tis sweeeeeeeeeet

prison architect 2014-11-23 18-55-34-680

The Reports from Scree has gotten me into Hex now too. I burned out a bit on Hearthstone, it was a fun game but just felt unfulfilling during play due to the restricted and rather boring meta. Hex is a lot more complex, a few more mechanics with cards to deal with and even special ones for each of the decks styles at times. There are multiple deck types to choose from based on the resource types and you can mix and match these which is interesting as well. There is a lot more variability in how you build and of course how you counter things and looking at the latest top tourney builds it does seem more diverse.

I ended up going with the bunny army deck because… seriously, bunny army and it’s been fun. You make a lot of cards then buff them up and there are a few key ways to do this too which is cool. I’m slowly building up this deck and while my kickstarter rewards were absent I had this sorted in 2 days and was opening a heap of card packs.  I don’t think it is the deck I will finish with just yet, I’m still learning combinations to deal with that are fun and powerful but once I’m comfortable I might delve into the player based battles rather than ai.

So far the gameplay is nice too. There is just a lot more to deal with during the play and it’s funny how much of a difference being able to make moves during the enemy turns is. A real game changer at times and it just creates gameplay with a lot more important choice. It’s more to learn but far harder to master which may lead to a longer interest.

Hex bunnies

I’m back a little in Diablo again. Lost a character.. 2 character a couple weeks back which really stung and have been leveling a couple of characters back up again. One of those was just a bad draw of, quite a few elites than descended on us and.. just wow. There was fire, lightning, frozen, multipliers and arcane lasers just everywhere. Was insane and they blocked us in enough to kill. The other was trying to take the easy way by getting leveled in torment 6 by a friend… the ultimate gamble for d3 that can pay off and I made 15 levels really quickly before copping a stray spear.


PLayed a little more Beyond Earth and I’m still extremely disappointed in the game. It’s just not as interesting or as complex as the other titles. There is no real soul to the game, it feels rather bland during play and all I want to do is boot up Civ 5 instead… or maybe start with crusader kings 2. While it does bring in some new mechanics that do work, and the facelift is kind of nice there just isn’t enough there to keep me interested, even in the short term. I haven’t even cared enough about it to finish a single match yet.

I jumped into Secret Ponchos, A western shooter style game with, I would say diablo esque gameplay. Top down view, a few ways to mix up skills and then just pew pew. It seems to have some interesting mechanics, the shooting and movement is interesting and the maps seem well designed with a decent amount of cover and cover that is destructible. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a single match. There are days, and times people get together but I’ve yet to actually play a match but the concept seems cool.

secret ponchos

I tried Dark Souls but I just couldn’t get the DS FIX and Mouse fix mode actually working and that makes Dark Souls on the PC paaaaaaaaaaaainful. I do have a controller but it seems in the pre-relative cleanup the hubby through away my container with the usb thingy for it so it’s just a nice paper weight now. SO yeh, I was going to do some kind of Dark Souls, I totes fail let’s play thing but that will have to wait until i get it working properly or get a controller.

Oh and I played World of Warcraft… and the dirty won’t wash off. I ended up making a Druid Troll on the Hytal server and Yeh… its WoW. I do have a few thoughts but that’s probably it’s own post coming up. Overall it’s the meh I thought it would be, Not ughh just hummphh but still just a rather early experience.


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  1. It continues to baffle me how companies can get to the stage of understanding that there are countries outside North America with plenty of customers, but then fail to take that next leap to understanding that a sizeable playerbase exists in Oceania. I mean, it isn’t fucking 2005 where MMOs are just getting started and the majority of players are in the US and UK. Why is it so difficult to base one or more servers in Australia or NZ? Indonesia? Kind of getting sick of having to be at a disadvantage because of latency and events being scheduled for prime time US in every. single. game.

    • Not to mention the fact that Oceanic populations then get spread over many servers, diluting the chances of finding good guilds or groups compatible with our timezone.

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