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Planet explorers… another boring survival type sim without any real charm.

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you want details… hmmm

Well planet explorers is one of the more detailed and polished survival type games out there. It has that familiar exploration style goals of finding and gathering resources and then using these to upgrade your character. Of course like most sandbox type survival things lately it gives fuck all for a tutorial except a slap on the ass and a go get em speech. Luckily I’ve done this before.. so gather and craft shit right?

Making my Adventurer

Making my Adventurer

The world seems pretty big so far and just about everything on it can demolished or gathered and there is a wide range of materials there. A lot of the local flora and fauna on each planet each give certain materials. Some general ones and other rarer types. Then there is the various types of minerals hidden under the earth within larger pockets. These take a bit of digging to get to but just mining out one large pocket seems enough to then craft whatever you might need.

The mobs that populate the world are the tough part here. There are both carnivorous types and herbivores as well as a few humanoids out there and the power level of these is quite variable and rather spread out amongst the environment which means you have to be very careful where you are traveling and what’s ahead, especially when you start out.

Planet Exploerer


The aim of course is to progress your character by gathering, animal, ore and plant bitsies and then crafting components and gear for yourself. The good bit here is that there doesn’t seem to be a natural tier of progression. You don’t have to craft your way up the chain of ingredients and can skip straight to building with the materials you have found. After starting out I find a decent vein or silver, crafted a nice bowing and was owning all the little mobs, even took out some of the big ones.

Planet Explorers

Getting a few other ingredients and I quickly ended up with A rifle to shoot things from afar and a turret to protect. A nice combo that made a lot of the open world enemies rather easy. And this was before crafting any of the armor. The crafting and progression from ingredients is just that quick, and you can see huge power gains really quickly which seems to speed up what is usually the more tedious part of these games.

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But this part is only the beginning as from those earlier weapons there is an absolutely huge range of things to work towards. Building a functional base with defenses and machinery is a big part. Then there is also a really in depth building system for creating, basically whatever you can imagine. I played around with weapon crafting for a bit but you can also make Vehicles to drive, and even fit them out with weaponry. Aircraft and such. The amount of input you have in this creation process as well seems pretty cool as you design each and ever aspect. You place every single block that will make the part. It adds a huge level of individuality to these. You can download other peoples creations too, if your not creative or upload your own if you consider yourself to be a modern da vinci

Planet Explorers

insert “I have no idea what I’m doing” meme


It’s a good foundation for a game and while the balance of crafting and gathering might be a little out, it is a core that works well for the game and there is enough here to keep you working towards that next goal. Unfortunately the game just feels like it lacks soul, an interesting aesthetic, or new innovative mechanics, a breadth of options…. just something that would make it unique in the sea of unfinished projects just like it. Personally I’d just go back to terraria, and while I know some that are into this whole 3d and voxel based graphic approach it just isn’t enough… not yet.

More than that, the fatal sin here is…. it’s just so freakin bland

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  1. Yeah, I tried this out at the beginning of the year, and I had overall the same impression. The creation tools (for vehicles and such) weren’t really user-friendly and the physics of the vehicles in the world was really wonky. Sounds like it still needs more work.

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