Link Dead Radio: Level Loathing and Raiding Resentment

A big week for awesome posts this time with a lot of talk surrounding the usefulness and design of themepark design, in particular Levels and Raiding. Of course there’s plenty of other stuff so tune in for this weeks episode

The Links

  • Mystical Mesmer has a post titled “Level Spam can die in a ditch” and while not as as inflammatory as that suggests it’s still a good argument as to the failings of level design

“I’m talking about MMOs that have built up living, breathing worlds full of content whose consumption is the primary focus of the journey with leveling being that backseat driver always telling you where to go next.”

  • Wolfy’s Eyes Wonders whether there could be an end to end game and how that could be achieved

“That’s what this whole thing feels like….and it’s not welcoming.  It doesn’t foster teamwork, it draws a line in the sand and tells people “You can’t have our toys because we won’t let you…unless you pass our checks.”

  • Scree Looks at his experiences in three recent games and how they made him think about level design
  • Oh and I don’t usually link to Massively but they recently had an Essay on why we should abandon Raiding
  • In an Age looks at the announced limb damage system of Star citizen and it’s take on realism as well as the griefing potential.

“I’m telling you now: I’m shooting your legs. I’m shooting your legs and then, whether or not I survive, you are spending the remaining time crawling pathetically across the floor to get anywhere. I am doing that because it is the most annoying thing I can possibly imagine. Screw headshots, if you want to invade my ship, you will spend the next 15 minutes crawling your way to the command chair over my dead body.”

  • Link Saves Zelda Gets the rant on in the superb post about being embarrassed with current gamer culture

“Yes, I am embarrassed by the modern gaming culture. The excessive complaints, the entitlement issues and rampant sexism that are associated with the gaming community and the culture as a whole are an embarrassment to me and others who do not posses these horrendous traits.”

  • Game Introspection looks at the indie gaming scene and the influence of counter-culture beliefs and an exploration of mechanics and narrative styles
  • Weekly Wizardry Wonders how else Attributes could be used in a non-combat way to improve characters and progression
  • MMO Juggler Talks about theur dislike of Open world PvP and its place in mmo’s
  • It seems Aywren at Clean Casuals is also trying out WoW for the first time and well,  has actually written about the experiences unlike some person I know.
  • JVT is thinking if their are better ways to have gold sinks, mainly the maintenance of one’s look and how the passage of time could affect this

The Vids

Pacman today

Rollers of the Realm – Pinball RPG

Witcher Adventure Game

Geometry wars 3

Artisans Trailer – sidescrolling dungeon crawler