Crazy for Kickstarters: XMAS special

Looks like another interesting Month for Kickstarter projects. It’s great seeing the depth of ideas here for stories, characters and mechanics and whiel I always swear not to spend anymore I always do, at least on one project.

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Couch Podtatoes Episode 24: Gaming Culture

Newest Episode of Couch Podtatoes.. WWWOOOOOOOOOOO

Me Vs. Myself and I


Welcome back to the show! This week we dive into the culture of gaming, and really, the culture of the Internet as a whole. I’m not sure if you’ll notice, but we’ve been taking more of a free-form approach to our discussions in recent weeks, not really being as structured and just letting the conversation flow to where ever it may. I think it’s made for some organic conversations, and it’s a little more casual, laid back and accessible. Anyway, we talk about some of the good and bad stuff when it comes to gaming culture, and then insert some personal experiences and other related stories into the mix. Personally I’ve been having a lot of fun with the show as of late, so I think that should reflect in the finished product. For Idiots on the Internet we take a look at the recent CS:GO Dreamhack tourney debacle, and…

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Experiments in Azeroth: Map Design

My newbie character Erifana is making levels quite nicely now. The Feral line of Druid is surprisingly easy to play with only a few buttons and a basic resource building system, puts out decent dps too which is nice so the quests get completed a bit quicker. I’m guessing I’m doing the right thing with my stats right now by going dex and stamina but who knows, just going on what I  kind of know a dps class should be. I’m just a cute but dangerous kitty…


I ended up in the second zone now, forgot the name but the one after Orgrimmar that’s like a logging camp plus an ocean area and while I am still surprised by how dated the zones feels. You can really see in these maps just how old the game is as the ground, objects, background and monsters are. rather washed out colours and textures but that really is to be expected.

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