Crazy for Kickstarters: XMAS special

Looks like another interesting Month for Kickstarter projects. It’s great seeing the depth of ideas here for stories, characters and mechanics and whiel I always swear not to spend anymore I always do, at least on one project.

Crossing Souls

I have a soft spot in my heart for adventure games, the point and click variety as it’s something I grew up with and will always think fondly of. I like how they show the stories, I like the elements of exploration but mostly I’m really enjoy the puzzle aspects.

Crossing souls involves the journeys of a group of kids out to solve the mysteries and riddles of their home town that also so happens to involve an alternate universe having an effect on things. It has a very childlike atmosphere, kind of like those after school specials where your not sure if the whole thing is just the fanciful imaginings of the young. Shared exuberance over the fantastical and mystical.

Of course it’s set in the 80s as well… NOSTALGIA HOOOOOOOOOOO!!


Loving all these new exciting management  style games at the moment and Formicarium seems to take an interesting approach to it all. It involves being in control of an ant colony which reminds me of that .. hmm, sim ants… something like that I used to play.

It has all the usual: build, explore and grow that i love as well as more just being the guiding force in the vision but what does sound interesting is the way genetics is kind of involved in the way you build your specific ants and colony. There also seems to be a much more lively and dangerous ecosystem to be involved in which should hold a few challenges

Last Year

So I’m not sure How this one will turn out but it’s definitely an interesting premise. A multiplayer game that draws influence from a wealth of psycho killer styled horror flicks wherein there is a group of people, the students trying to survive and a killer trying to get them. Of course people are playing the students with varying abilities and skills but someone also gets to play the killer. Stalking the others as the try to fulfill the maps goals.

It seems the have the concept down rigth, with a balance of mechanics between the players and it’s headed by someone who has done a lot of work in the industry but the lack of actual game development beyond concept art is a bit disconcerting

Hollow Knight

A 2d action platformer that is influenced by the underground life of bugs and insects but with a rather dark and twisted vision. Really loving the art style and backgrounds as well as the characters that have been shown so far.

Looks to have the same old school approach as recent games like Shovel Knight with the mechanics and design. A small collection of skills to use but that involve mastering with movement.  And yes, I’m backing this one


An interesting premise for an mmo where the community basically designs their own play spaces by creating, decorating and basically completely managing their world, or worlds by changing around progression styles, items, monsters and well, pretty much everything it seems.  And all the worlds will be connected in a way too.

It’s already tried for Kickstarter once, and I can’t remember if it succeeded or not but this time it does seem to be a more developed idea. The world Creation Tools look amazing from fiddling with the aesthetic, placing items, the npc ai and even the admin capabilities sound impressive giving the owner a lot of control.