Link Dead Radio: Community Caring and Vidsplosion

The Bloggy Xmas event is in full swing now with many bloggers already having shared their wonderful stories centered around the enjoyment of gaming and writing and the community around it. Gives you those warm gooey feelings. Check out the Bloggy Xmas site for all the people involved as well as links to those who have written so far.

And for this weeks little link rodeo well, only a few posts to report but A whole heaaaaaaaaaaaaps of videos

The Links

  • The Flaming Bard has been holding a few giveaways, I’m a bit late with this one but there are still a few games to giveaway
  • Shots fired Gaming, A newbie blog I’ve been following Looks the hype of pre-orders and the link towards broken games.
  • Inventory Full is getting a little exasperated with all the killing lately and the joy of exploring the environment
  • Reports from the field analyses the mmo trinity and its failures as well as a few areas aand mechanics to improve upon it.
  • Level Capped gives a quick, but detailed look at the current streaming options.

HMMM… Seems I’ve lost some of my bookmarks again. Anything else to add. Also after a few more blogs to read you think i might bee missing

The Vids

Great Video about no mans sky about the more technical aspects.

The order 1886

Kings Quest

Bloodborne multiplayer


Tacoma – from the gone home devs

Black Desert Features

Black Desert Discussion from some active players

Artizens – early access soo too

Dungeon Defenders 2

Tales from the Borderlands

The Crew – Launch Trailer

Uncharted 4

Dead Island: Epidemic open beta


Dying Light story trailer