Link Dead Radio: The Perils of Opinions

ooo. HUge range of posts to read covering a great collection of topics. Loving the revolt against levels at the moment as it is something that needs to change for mmo’s to evolve. A lot of talk about community again with a focus on the value of opinions  and social change.

AND GOOOO.. Link dead Radio is on the air

A discussion around levels and their usefulness popped up again and there were a few great discussions about it.

  • MMO Quests Looks at level locked content and the feelings of progression it provides but also the restriction that make it cumbersome
  • Weekly Wizardry wonders if Levelling is even needed in our end game focused mmo’s.
  • Level Capped Looks at the difference between reward and goal based level design. How simple changes , and removing  primary restrictions can make it feel more open yet still provide incentive.

Next were several in depth, and personal discussion on opinions and elements of conflict within the gaming community.

  • Game Introspection looks at the commalities between each other and opinions, and notes that we should be creating connections based on these rather than causing conflict based on differences .

You gain a common language for communicating with others who understand this art and a new way to develop a connection with someone else.

  •  MMO Gypsy gives a recount of this year in gaming and the nature of social change that is occurring. A sense of foreboding but also hope felt within the community.
  • Liore Has a rather moving piece about feelings of inclusion and involvement within the community… and now I haz sads
  • Murf articulates in the way he does best on the nature of opinions, the conflict and the value of exploration and self discovery that comes from experiencing the alternative.

The hate, anger, and vitriol have to go. Opinions are funny things precisely because we fight over them, never stopping to recognize that we each have to live our own lives and walk our own paths.

Continuing on into other themes now we have

  • Inventory Full, who is getting a little forlorn with thought on the nature of change in mmo’s, how things change and the personal impact of them.
  • Alternative Blog discusses being restricted in play by a focus on the numbers. How individuality and variances in classes and specs do have value beyond the numbers, whether that’s due to utility or just preference. MMO GYpsy had a reply rant too about that brand of number based idiocy.
  • Ten Ton Hammer had a post you might want to check out to regarding the evolution of mmo gaming. The changing technology, the level grinds and next-gen ideas

The Vids

hunnn.. hide yo wallets from this one

Satellite Reign – Syndicate reborn.. you know, the good version

2014 in 2 minutes

Drawn to death – fps arena thingy. meh

Talos Principle – puzzles and stuff

Kiai Resonance – Samurai dueling

Chaos Reborn – turn based rpg thingy

Starbound Winter Trailer

What remains of Edith Finch

Great talk about the nature of play and elements of science and psychology. Thanks to Thinking Play for this vid

And lastly there are a lot of vids worth watching over at the Playstation blog from the Playstation experience Event. It covers a huge range of topics and games



4 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: The Perils of Opinions

  1. Thanks for the linkage once again.

    I really don’t get the anti-levels thing. Obviously there can be any number of gameplay options for “massively multiple online games” but for MMORPGs as I understand the concept levels are are essential as wheels and an engine are for a car. The kind of game I imagine when I hear the term, and the kind I personally want to play, is the DIKU-MUD model, derived from D&D. If you take the levels out of that you’ve taken out the entire skeleton that bears the weight and supports the rest.

    More than that, though, the underlying concept which almost no MMO can escape is Progression. You can do away with levels but if you have no means of measuring progression you end up with a simulation or a construction kit. Those are fine things in their own right and there are some immensely popular and successful online examples but they are an entirely different genre of entertainment.

    If there’s an example of an MMO(RP)G that has neither levels nor any kind of pseudo-leveling progression. yet is still demonstrably part of the same genre as all the ones that do, then I’d be interested to take a look at it. I can’t think of one.

    • My analogy would be more like the levels being the road tour driving on amd the builders lately have taken it upon themselves to put rails, lights and signs everywhere to the point the car almost drives itself. Sometimes I don’t want to follow the signs. Sometimes I might want to go off road.
      That’s me… I feel to claustrophobic in these heavily guided mmo’s.

      As for progression I think it’s a needed function but there are so many other ways of doing that, and doing it in ways that don’t involve a pure stay boost.

      As for dnd, I kind of think it is relatively levelless. The way a dm is constantly making scenarios for your level means that you power is always relatively the same and even if it isn’t, imagination is limitless. Different thing though when thinking about mmo’s where the content is always going to be limited and power comparable to others around you plus prior content. It just doesn’t fit as well.

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