Link Dead Radio: A Blogging year in review

So instead of the usual link round-up from around the blogging community I’m just going to Self-Promote instead. This time it’s a recap of what I’ve been up to in the year and all that is amazing and awesome of my rants and rambles from the year past.

The Blog Goals

Last year I set a few New Year Gaming Resolutions for me and the blog, I never really focused on it much after beyond some blind stumbling and going with the flow like I usually do but it seems I ended up doing quite well with them. Most of the goals seemed to be focused on the end half of the year, mostly because thats when I got the new pc up and running. Shitty laptop was shitty and is now retired into a portable anime watching type machine and even before that gaming wasn’t very fun on it.

Ok so lets see how I did:

Build a pc

Done and done. I was actually surprised at just how easy a pc is to put together now. It takes a little bit of time and instruction following but it’s pretty much just painting by numbers…stick everything in right spot. It works well, and hasn’t caught fire… so I call that a success.  Still a few things i want to upgrade with it, maybe another hard drive for stuffz a bit later on. A second gpu to run sli would be sweeeeeeet.. oh and definitely a 1920×1080 resolution screen… a nice one. Oh yeh, and a keyboard that has all it’s keys named correctly and in the right spot. Probably should get a full version of windows instead of the trial one I’ve been using too.. 57 days left on the second time using it.

Explore and Old MMO

Does wow count. I had ideas for other games but after the recent expansion and a little prompting by Mr Murf i jumped in for a go, levelling one character a little and starting a level 90 character. I had intentions to take this further but then, eh I don’t know, it never hooked me enough to keep me focus. I still have intentions to play more, at least get to cap or something but there just seemed better things to do with my time.

Video Editing

It’s turned out to be far more complex than I thought. I knew there was a bit too it but the amount of file types, varying codecs, and ways of changing this around is mind boggling. I’ve been experimenting a lot with these styles through to, I think produce a reasonable file of quality and size. I think haha.

It has been kind of fun learning something a little new and being involved with a new project. Keeps the mind active and focused, well that could be my studies anyway but nahhh. I’ve also taken the time to play around with GIMP too and creating a few different logo type screens which is fun too.

Right now I have made a couple vids for the youtube channel. Mainly just my prison architect ones but there are a couple more things planned. NOt sure what to actually do though. Reviews.. lets plays… just random gameplay stuff. No idea.

Moar Indies

Lots more, in fact, my top ten for the year was mostly indies. Maybe it was due to the poor selection of AA titles, or maybe being a little bit more frugal, or possible just because there were so many great titles coming out from the indie scene that made it a great, and interesting year of gaming. I really look forward towards the next year now and what other great titles will come out from smaller groups.

Mass Effect 3

Yep and found it a rather satisfying conclusion to the story but not as engaging personally as the second in the series. still provoked a lot of thoughts though.

 Dark Souls

Just started it recently actually. and finding it as painful and as satisfying as the stories say. ooooo… and I’m making a lets play and just put the first one up.

Goals Failed


ewwwww.. I even got a refund for the pack I bought. I guess it’s not that the mmo was bad, it’s just not exactly what I expected, it was released far earlier in its development cycle than I expected, and the updates have eben rather slow as well. The idea is great behind it, creating assets for the actual game through their own tools and I’m guessing there is a dedicated group enjoying that aspect a lot… it just wasn’t for me.

Game Creation

yeh that never happened. I started doing a little pixel type art but it never eventuated into anything beyond a caricature.


while I have played a few times during the year it wasn’t as much as intended. I still kind of want to get into a MOBA, maybe even learn a bit more about it all but I just haven’t picked which one I actually want to do just yet.


I wanted to self host the blog this year too. To get my own piece of the net rather than a small part of WordPress it is in now and the earlier I kind of get it done in the blogs life cycle the better since when it does happen I’ll probably never get back a few of the subscribers.

Also it will probably be nice to have the editing and mod abilities of a private site although it does come with a bit of extra work. I just have no idea what to actually call it.

The Links

It’s been a reasonable busy year of blogging here and a lot of the usual critical ramblings about games and game mechanics. A overed a range of topics although it seems I was more focused around the aspects of levelling and combat, and ways of changing that to make a better mmo experience. Surprisingly few rants though, probably due to no more gw2 in my play haha…

So, here’s a few of my own favourite posts from the year

Word Spams

Changing the Combat core – looking at ways of expanding mmo’s beyond the standard focus on combat above all else.

Integrating Language Learning – After experience a bit of Archeage’s mechanics around languages I wonder if this could be an interesting point of mmos. Guiding the experience and feelings of exploration, uncovering unknown worlds and quests and just another aspect of character progression

A Cure for Questing – A kind of personal crusade against quests started with this post

Death of Detail and Changing Convenience – simplification down time and jsut giving players a bit more space in the experience, not being as guided and creating options for players to pick from. to create their own character and style of progression

Expectations and Potential – the elements of potential in an mmo that keep me sticking around with it, often longer than personal interest and enjoyment would account for.

Changing Culture for Better Gamers – now I did have a few posts about improving the community and it’s often toxic nature this year, this post I think summarised those feelings and ideas for change.

Bragging Bits in MMO’s – A little list about some of the aspects to brag about. The little elements in mmo’s that we work for intently, for weeks and then get to lord over others with… by often dancing on a mailbox.

Hot Hunks of Games – Some of the awesome crushes of hunky, sexy and cute characters out there in games.


PvP and Bad Behaviour – PvP is often equated with the worst villany possible from the bowels of the interwebs but really, that is just a by-product of the times it seems and is seen in any area that isn’t properly moderated.

The PvP Debate – Some of the great elements of having PvP incorporated into our virtual worlds

Power Problems in PvP – One of the more damaging elements of having PvP in mmo’s are the power difference between people that often occurs in this leveling, gear focused games.

PvP the Content Creator – Talking about how incorporating PvP into the experience can expand the amount of content and create a more dynamic, open-ended experience


Firefall and Fading Interest – MY thoughts on the final release of Firefall after all these years and so many iterations…. I didn’t like it

Fueling the Fire for ESO and Wildstar – Sharing in a little hate for both of the titles after experiencing the beta’s. Funny how right these were before even playing them that much.

Kentucky Route Zero – An Absolutely endearing and Beautiful adventure with one of the best and most intelligent narrative experiences out there

Transistor and feelings of the familiar – GAME O’ THE YEAAAAAAAAAARRR . great world building and narrative. Interesting characters and a rather unique and fun

Bits About Me

A gaming questionnaire

My Most Influential Games

A+ Rants

You Should Fucking Care – a massive rant against the “don’t care” attitude

Archeage and the Path to Predictability – Another rant focused against the attitude of changing the core of games to suit themselves… well, actually more of a rant against people that would take my PvP away from me




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