Best Indie of 2015

A list that is a little bit late but still, I hope part of the Listmas thingy. This time I look at all the amazing indie games coming out in 2015; puzzlers, platformers and a wealth of interesting rpg’s. It’s going to be another great year for indie titles.

Darkest Dungeon

A weird looking side scrolling game with a dark aesthetic and a turn based style of Combat. It seems to have that older style of feel to the visuals and gameplay but also a focus on the darker, innate aspects of the characters. The way it goes about with varying factors around the character’s sanity and personality as well as progression through dungeon depths, it actually reminds me more of a Pen and Paper game.


A wonderfully warm looking adventure game set around amongst a national forest as a new forest ranger. Watching the forest from the tower in case of fire or other dangers. Of course strange happenings await this new ranger and an exploration of the forests mysteries.

Hyper Light Drifter

Some of the most amazing pixel art I’ve seen in a while gives this little gems an epic yet alien feel. Exploring distant and forgotten lands, crypts and laboratories. It seems to have a rather interesting Hack and slash rpg style of gameplay too.

No mans Sky

A huge and impressive procedurally created universe of a plethora of planets and many strange creatures that are all randomly created by some rather complex equations to create a huge amount of variation. Mostly a gameplay at the moment that involves exploration of this universe and while, I’m totally ok with that I can’t help but wonder what else it has in store.

Hotline Miami 2

YAY!!!.. a sequel to my favourite psychedelic Serial Killer experience. The game with the 80’s acid trip aesthetic and the wild flailing with killing intent. A murderous romp of epic proportions.

Titan Souls

An odd looking experience, kind of a rogue like but your character has only one arrow that you continually need to retrieve making it quite the skill challenge. To get that shot right each time. The aesthetic is that pixel art style but as usually well detailed and designed to create a new, interesting environment.

Satelite Reign

A tactical squad based, top-down Rpg with a cyeberpunk theme… basically, it looks like the sequel to syndicate we wanted. Progression through the growth of individual characters with their own benefits and skills. Coordinating this team effectively through a variety of missions and oh, all that cyberpunky goodness.


A beautiful looking puzzler in an ocean environment. Explore the depths of it’s mysteries and the terror of the unknow.

Everbodies Gone to Rapture

A large open-ended experience of a world that has for some reason become abandoned. Explore and uncover the world in your own time and own way. It’s great that they’ve allowed a lot more freedom in this experience and letting the player uncover the story in their own way rather than creating a more funneled linear story experience. Lets hope it remains to be a coherent story throughout.


A side-scrolling RPG around the adventure of detectives searching out the unnatural. Reminds me of some of that Call of Cthulhu pen and paper games with how it approaches the story and puzzling it all out. It seems to have a great amount of difference in how yoou create  your adventure in regards to strengths and skills AND, it can be done cooperatively

Ori and the Blind Forest

A truly beautiful and mystical puzzle/platformer. Gorgeous visuals and tight mechanics is all I really need here.

Hive Jump

A cooperative Sci-fi side scrolling action game with a crazy combat style of running and gunning. Huge amounts of enemies, bright explosions and the fall of alien corpses around you. The gameplay itself focuses on a large strategic map where you fight over to maintain control and eliminate any alien threats. The maps are randomly generated with missions changing around depending on the mission, and the aliens ai learning from these encounters.

Looks like a lot of fun…

Night in the Woods

A story focused adventure title with a focus on the characters of the world and creatign a narrative. Looks to be a more emotional storytelling style without the distractions of the usual action combat and tight platforming.

If you want to experience the style of game, the visuals and such they recently released the free supplemental game Lost Constellation.

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time

A co-op style managment game of controlling a space ship hurtling through space. You have a few systems to control but cannot be in all the spaces at the same time. it’s a constant balancing act that looks colourful and energetic.

Path to the Sky

A procedurally generated rogue-like title of exploring the map, constantly climbing higher and killing the increasingly difficult monsters you find..

path to the sky


MECHAAASSSS!!!! i don’t know much about this title except for its dystopian aesthetic and that it has side-scrolling mecha fighting

The Swindle

Now I have to include at least one stealth based title and swindle is it. More pixel style visuals with a grid based system of exploration, traversal and destruction. A puzzle game in it’s element with the aim of gathering up the stash, and then of course getting out in a blaze of glory in whatever way possible.

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