New Year Blog Report

Welcome to the New year everyone and I hope it brings you all the happiness you wish for and deserve.

It was a bit of a weird year for myself and gaming in generally really. A year of disappointments from many big companies which left indies to fill in the gap, a position they filled wonderfully and it’s great to see how much more attention and praise these smaller titles are getting now. MMO’s seemed to be in a weird place too with a few big releases that failed to really gaing traction and a lot of other bumbling by the industry in general. Check out The ancient Gaming noob for a good recap of year in MMO’s.

It seemed to be a huge transitional period for gaming as a whole. There was widespread growth of the medium into other areas and what seemed to be the start of a greater understanding and approval. Unfortunately this was mostly squandered by a certain group and movement. Hopefully in the year to come we can make up that lost ground, will probably be a bit easier with the new ground that has been tread and the way the media is generally now focusing on a broader more inclusive culture.

It’s been a great year for the blogging community too, especially in these here parts of the interwebs with a lot of events to bring everyone together through writing and gaming. Izzy has a good write up of those happenings, and there were a few.

Newbie Bloggers

I also want to give a little praise to those blogging out there on their first year, it is a rather exciting time to be in as a blogger but also one of uncertainty. You all did amazing and I’m so glad to those that have added there stories and experiences, and  who make this community that much more wonderful. Now some where more active than others, and there is a couple in there that weren’t part of the nbi that I just started reading but all are worth a look.

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I really need to add these to my widget space, oh and if I missed you feel free to yell at me a little, or maybe leave a comment.

Blog Business

Anyway, moving onto my own blog and it seems to have been a good year. Steady growth of numbers and views like usual and A LOT of word spam. Rather happy with how it all ended up overall and amazed that I’m still doing it haha. LIke seriously, I don’t stick with anything. Especially things that involve writing.

I predict another year of pretty much the same although there are a few changes I would like to fulfill. I still want to move this to self-hosted site, just for the added flexibility. I do want to write a few more reviews of the games I’m playing and have played as that was an aspect I think was a bit missing here. I mostly wrote about them all in my progress post but then I think having a separate post regarding initial impressions is probably better.

I also miss my rants. There were a few this year but not nearly enough and not nearly as abrasive. NEEDZ MORE… Maybe some more one word posts for kicks too…. and page views.

As for the rest of the blogs content and eventual evolution, suggestions for content and such are always welcome although there were a few from the year passed that I never ended up doing and probably should go back to.

Youtube stuff is kind of fun although I’m definitely still sticking to the virtual paper more than it. I like writing and it feels more natural than voicing stuff. If I have the time I might turn written reviews and such into vids although that’s not really a priority and even if it does happen the written version will always be posted when it’s finished… usually in the same unedited state =p

Other youtube stuff like let’s play’s might continue….not sure. It takes more work than I thought, not too much but enough that it takes away gaming time and HOLY SHIT do I have issues with video recording all the time. Uploading stuff also takes a long time on my net, terrible speeds some I’m limited to 1 video a night … and thats for your basic 30 minute type. Longer videos will usually be cut up to compensate and it’s because of this that I could never see myself streaming at all.

And thats it really. Same old blog, same old space, on the same old bat channel. Happy new year… And welcome to a bright new future of ranting and raving from yours truly

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