Link Dead Radio: An Inclusive Community

A sorrow filled farewell to the Geek Force Network that are putting the site on hold in order to focus on their own goals and other things. The site will remain which is great but will no longer b e receiving new content… much sads.
and now onwards with the link Lovin.. that sweeeeeett sweeeet lovin
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Most Anticipated Indie of 2015 – the youtube version

I madez new videos… more dark souls nonsense but also A compilation video of all the major indie titles I’m looking forward to in the new years. Mostly the same as the written list although there were a few titles I remembered that weren’t written down like A flame in the Flood, Galak-z, Aztez, Helldivers, Maia, Sunless Seas, and Chaos Reborn.

And this isn’t even all of the smaller titles I’m excited for. It’s definitely going to be a great year.