Link Dead Radio: Evolving Ideas

The original, and best Global chat initiative is here once more.. and we have blackjack, and naked Fireman. This week we have speculation around the Guild Wars 2 expansion. And aggronaut shows us how all this blogging business is supposed to be done as well as lots of awesome gamey vids.

The Links

Aggronaut has been on a roll with a ton of interesting musings about mmo’s and discussion points regarding mechanics and general Gameplay. If I was going to say one, maybe Maintenance Gaming, a post about the mechanics getting us to constantly log in that can serve to support investment in a title or result in the living, gaming dead.

There has been a fair bit of Guild Wars 2 speculation this week around both the weird projected earnings report from an investment company (that you should know actually doesn’t have insider information on the company’s actual development) who seemingly reported an expansion in q3. This whipped up the hornets nest again about what such a thing would entail, a rather hard guess considering Anet’s usual eccentric and enigmatic ways of development. Why I game wonders whether this will mean a Tyrian apocalypse much like what the original guild wars saw where maps and most of the world change to support this new story. I’d just be happy with maybe ending some of the more annoying and well known event chains, centaurs for one. Inventory Full follows on with this by comparing it to the changes in the original, how WoW approached the same ideal with Cataclysm and what this might mean for GW2’s future.


Keen And Graev follow on with this train of thought and bring up the Idea of Ever evolving and Changing worlds and bringing mmo’s back to these ideals once more


Braxwolf Also has a post I want to write my own long reply to about the Stages of MMO gameplay, the Heights, lows and eventual plateau of feelings and possible return.


And for the lols is this tumblr of glitch gifs


And if I missed your own favourite post than… get in touch before the next week. Always after more awesome material to add here.

The Vids

Check out Games done quick for some awesome challenging gameplay comps and shows… dumbfounded at some of this. And thanks to liore for the tip on this.. so much fun to watch

Evolve Cinematic

Smite World Championship Trailer

Distant Star

Life is Strange Developer Diary

Fan made Star Wars Animation

Live Action Dayz thingy

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    • haha THANKS…. I actually need to go on another blog trawl again through people’s sidebars as I know I’m missing a few great ones.

  1. They don’t have insider information, but their projected earnings are usually on target. This is also the first time in eight expansion pack “predictions” that they’ve released concrete numbers for expected unit sales and box price. Those are the items that make this report just a little bit more significant.

    Otherwise, yeah, it could just be C-level management from KDB and NCSoft drinking beer and playing golf together working out what to say to keep investors interested and happy. Releasing numbers like that, though, would be crying some pretty massive wolf and would invite investors to tank share prices.

    All just speculation with ArenaNet, though. Might just be a glorified feature pack.

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