Quick Look at Dungeon of the Endless

So I have a youtube style first look vid up now as well and just wanted to write down my feelings of the title as well. Now, I didn’t actually make a transcript for the video before making it so what you hear and what I write will probably be a bit different.

I love Dungeon of the Endless and am seriously addicted at the moment. I purchased it during the steam sales and from then on have played it quite a bit and barely succeeded at it but yet, that makes me even more addicted.

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Couch PODtatoes 28: Back to the Future

Of course this is a little late again

This week, to celebrate the future of Back to the future we thought to have a little fun with this weeks episode and talk about all the fun little things of future tech: imagined, from movies and games and also the amazing things we already have and how that’s progressing. It was a  rather fun discussion and this week Doone visited the show once more, who I of course teased relentlessly haha.

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New Year, New Adventures

It’s seems like this is going to be a weird year for mmo’s. So far there doesn’t seem to be any, truly huge releases to look forward to for the first time in many years. I see many around the blogs that seem rather disjointed and saddened by this but, this actually makes me even more excited.

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