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Well, the early access of H1Z1 is fast approaching and I thought to do something special for this momentous occasion, by basically saying “SCREW THAT NOISE” so who’s with me… EH.. EH. Who needs another Alpha zombie survival sandbox for now. Sure it might end up an interesting experience eventually but in it’s current state and the usual cycle of development I don’t see that happening within this year.

So instead of playing that why not another interesting, complex and incredibly deep zombie sandbox called PROJECT ZOMBOID. Come on, it has everything you’ve been looking for in an apocalypse simulator. Large hand crafted world populated with a variety of areas to explore and things to scavenge. In depth personal needs ad psychology affected by your actions and environment. Personal Progress with a number of skills that improve through use. Huge breadth of food items to eat and cook. Components to craft with in a number of ways. Building mechanics to make your personal fortress. Fishing, Farming, Foraging, trapping, it’s own radio station being built inside. An active modding system with popular ones being integrated within the game. Multi-player and open server support. And of course a range of options for the game world, zombie style and your personal character to make the game you want to play.

Seriously, all the other zombie apocalypse games out there wish they were this developed. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

Get your own Cabin in the woods

Get your own Cabin in the woods

Don’t believe me well… I’m giving away 4 copies in the comments below. Just tell me a little about your own hypothetical apocalypse plans. The one that amuses me the most will get the first copy and the rest will go into a random draw for the others. Winners will be announce on Sunday… that’s my Sunday.. AUS Sunday… the land from the future.

Happy Hunting


20 thoughts on “GAME GIVEAWAY – Project Zomboid

  1. Project Zomboid has been on my Steam wishlist for a while now and I’m super interested in trying it out! I’ve heard so many awesome things about it – this post is just another to nudge me into wanting to play it more.

    Those “How long would you live during a ZA” quizes always say I’d last about 6 months. So I figure I’d probably swipe and hoard all the Twinkies and other junk food I could find since I’m probably gonna be running those calories off as it is. If I’ve only got 6 months to live, gonna eat what I wanna eat! XD

    I always thought going to a secluded island during a ZA was a good option. But as zombie movies always show, there’s no such thing as a foolproof (zombie-proof) plan!

    Thanks for the opportunity and the generosity!

    • you know, it could be because you eat to much junk food that when the time comes that you need to run your too out of shape and the zombies eat you.

  2. My normal day to day life feels like I am surviving a form of the zombie apocalypse, so I might as well simulate one at night as well!

    While this has been done before (Walking Dead) it’s hard to not like a prison. I have one in my city and it’s not like the flimsy fenced one in Walking Dead, it has 60′ concrete walls. No zombie is getting through there. The fact that every time I drive by it (and I did a tour once, it is closed down and a heritage building..) I always picture how to survive within it if a ZA really happened. Being that prepared is good, no?

    Bonus points is that I sorted out the 15 – 20 people I would let live there with me and you have made that list. Izlain, on the other hand…

    (Thanks for the fun idea! I don’t really *need* the game, but I just wanted to play along *Grin*)

    • oo.. the walking dead is already real hey..hehe

      Prison would be a good spot although I wonder where’s you get the keys from. We have a deserted on in Brisbane too that used for tours and such, massive brick walls all the way around.

      And i have my own plans already MWHAHAHA… i’ll probably be the one setting off the virus anyway

  3. Oooh zombie apocalypse plans? My current house is not a safe place against that so I’d need to pack up quick (a few clothes and a lot of toilet paper :P) and get to my Mom’s place which is a 10 minute drive or 30 minute walk away. If I survive that I’ll be set, because her house always stores LOADS of consumables (especially the canned variety), medicines, and deadly tools that are easy to weaponize.

    Japanese saw? Check! Axes? Mallets? Pitchforks? Battery/Gas operated Power tools? Silver knives in case of Werewolves? Carved vampire hunting stakes? Religious symbols +5 vs demons? Advanced Dungeon and Dragons monster manuals? Check check check! 😛

    No need to risk raiding a supermarket with all that. Might still need to for as much bottled liquid as possible.

    Next part would be really hard though. I’d try head West into the “Australian bush”, which comprises more of desert with a single shrub in the middle that has a thousand kangaroos hiding in it (haha yeah, I know you know it has more greenery than that). Uluru sounds like a good spot, but would definitely have people there. Hanging out on the empty sands might be a better place depending on supplies.

    Then comes the long wait. Well, maybe just one month. Really, rotting corpses would make easy meals for animals – walking or not. The more they decay the less a problem they would be, and especially those in the desert – they’d dry up pretty quick. I can just see the zombies going “A dingo stole my -insert body part-!” now! 😛

    And if they aren’t rotting? Well they have to be eating something – which eventually would be each other. If they aren’t rotting and not eating anything then they are the magical type of zombie which is conjured by a wizard or necromancer and shouldn’t have a contagious bite making fighting them a less dangerous proposition.

    Short version: Get stuff, get away from people. Much like gaming on the internet. ^_^

    • oo but what if it is some great forgotten necromacer then.. WHERE ALL DOOOMED

      and your plan kinda sounds like that Shuan of the dead thing haha.. just without the pub crawl

      • Like… like in the Mummy? That’s ok, I’ve been told I look a bit like Brendan Fraser so hopefully it will work out (how is a mystery!). And yeah, no pub crawl for me – I don’t drink. 😛

  4. Apocalypse usually means no electricity. Without electricity, my life will be boring. I plan to off myself instead of farming and fighting angry mobs. But I told the wife I would get her to her parent’s house first.

    • Lol, I guess that would work too. I think you could turn it into a cool experience, kinda like zombie land.

      If you were a bit technically minded you might be able to connect to a wind turbine.. Or steal people’s solar panels. Then I wonder how long you could keep a computer running for.

      Oh and in the head please hehe

  5. I’d hole up in a meat-packing plant. With barriers set appropriately, any undead attempting to reach me will be funneled into the abattoir to be reduced to Purina Zombie Chow. Once packed in cans, they will be stored to use as trade goods when civilization’s new barter economy is in full swing. (There will be no ingredients listed on the cans.)

  6. Plans? One has no plans but to probably die horribly. The density of people in this city would convert into a super-thick mass of zombies. Maybe if we’re lucky, they’re bad climbers that can’t make it up thirty flights of stairs and one can hole up in the many high rise buildings and skyscrapers, collecting rainwater and rooftop farming.

    Or maybe the seawater level will rise a metre over the next few decades and drown the zombies and survivors will boat from high rise to high rise.

  7. Step 1: Preparation. Tell as many people as possible to start stockpiling food and other stuff, that will last long. You start preparing traps and stockpile weapons and ammo, start with training hunting techniques and agricultural methods.
    Step 2: Zombie plague breakout: Tell as many people as possible that it is not safe to stay in the city and they should get out. You stay home.
    Step 3: Once they are all out in the outskirts of the city, stuck in traffic jams and turned into zombies, you wait couple of days for thing to calm down inside your well prepared hideout. If you are about to get overrun, you just escape to another (former) person’s house (already well supplied with things you need – you told them to stockpile!).
    Step 4: Get in touch with survivors. Use air baloons filled with helium (easily to obtain) to draw attention of the remaining healthy people.
    Step 5: Prepare some bait – something really noisy (siren?) attached to a car (that should be filled with some propane tanks etc.). Put a brick on the gas pedal of the car on the longest street in the city and let it go. The goal is to lure as many zombies as you can to one place. Then use whatever explosives you have at your disposal to “clear the streets”
    Step 6: Either continue “cleaning” your city of the zombies or take as many supplies (and especially tools, seeds, books and meds) as you can and hit the road, get to countryside. Get in touch with other people, start building safe villages. Start rebuilding the society and cleaning the world from the zombies. Live happily ever after
    (Optional Step 7: As the most important person who saved the human race, try to pass the law you can have anything for free for the rest of your life)

    • Now that’s a detailed plan haha. As far as I’ve got on mine is breaking into all the local nurseries and stealing there stuff lol.. then taking it back to my acreage.

      I’d definitely like to help by clearing zombies though. Time to research bomb making techniques without looking like a terrorist

  8. Given that I would probably not even realise anything was wrong until I left my room to go do some shopping, there’s a 50/50 chance I’d just get eaten within the first minute. Otherwise, since I live next to a pub w/bottleshop, the first order of business would be to break in to a car, preferably 4WD, and then break into the pub and take as much booze as I can. Then, head for a supermarket and stock up on supplies, then go to the coast. Establish a base near a yacht club or something, and sleep on boats – zombies can’t swim, right?!

    Or maybe just do a search to see if there is a pub called the Winchester in Melbourne and go there to see how many other people thought the same thing. 😛

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