Crafting Changes for Firefall

I haven’t been watching Firefall’s progress for a while now. I fell out of love with my fps open world just after its apparent release and have never been back. I have had the urge now and then but not enough to actually play.

Recently I’ve found out that, one of the backhanded comments in my last review of the title might be more apt than I thought. I said that this was just another beta phase for Firefall and right now it looks like they are going to be overhauling the whole crafting system once more. Yep, it was and is reviled enough to see further development.

They have employed a new developer to take charge in the area and I believe they have been working on it in silent for a month now with more information coming when the details are finalised.

It is funny but I only became aware of this after getting a pingback from an old crafting post and went to check out why. Sure enough the new crafting lead was introducing himself on the forums, outlining the ideas and position he was coming from and also asking for input from the community.

The post ended up having some great discussion about Firefalls current and previous systems and what people liked as well as crafting within mmo’s in general. Mostly a rather interesting discussion and good to see just how active the community still is.

It kind of makes me once again excited to see where the title progresses once more. Sounds like thumping and that sort of exploratory gameplay will have a resurgence and general crafting being more useful. Of course, I wonder how and when this will occur, whether there will be changes afterwards or when the hell their finances are going to run out because they’ve certainly burnt a lot of cash during these many reworks.

Firefall… The little mmo that could, maybe, possibly be good


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  1. I think it is has cashed in on the whole ‘people giving a damn’ part of its marketing. Firefall will likely never be a real success, even if they revamp it into perfection.

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