Free to Play Fuckery – H1Z1

A new segment I now christen in order to highlight complete and utter douchery within the industry when it comes to payment models. I’m just done with it.

Also, I swear I’m not trying to be Syncain on his crusade against ftp in general although I might be in the same fellowship for now haha.

This time I just wanted to highlight a comment over at reddit wherein Smedley tries to Defend the Airdrop mechanic. A mechanic which in essence comes down to being a paid for lockbox with the chance (and from what I’ve seen a reasonable one) at getting weapons, ammo and gear. Something that they originally said would never be sold within their cash shop.

Oh but you basically have a random chance of even getting the lockbox you paid for so that makes it ok.


17 thoughts on “Free to Play Fuckery – H1Z1

    • just the shitty one really. Even after all it’s fumbling I still have hopes for Firefall and I’ve readily given money to quite a few and still will in the future

  1. After all these years you’d think Smed would learn how NOT to insert his foot into his mouth almost every time he makes a public statement.

  2. I like the game. And the airdrop fiasco isn’t really a big deal. You get a gun and like a couple rounds. Wooo… half the time you’ll die trying to get to your drop. Knee-jerk reactions FTW though, right?

    • it’s a bit of a big deal to me for a few reasons.
      1. it’s a lockbox… fucking hate lockboxes
      2. it’s a random chance at getting random items from your paid for lockbox… dats retarded.
      3. It’s a survival sim, that’s meant to be the primary gameplay and paying for items detracts from this. it’s cheating the game and cheating the very idea of it.
      4. It’s paying for power. if you can get something that makes the game easier, or gives and advantage by paying then that’s it for me
      5. don’t want things from a cash shop affecting my play or worlds… learnt that from archeage
      6. If it’s such a cool event than jut make it a random server thing.

      • Eh… I don’t think it’s going to be gamebreaking. The items in the boxes can be found in the world. Sure, some dumbass spends a bunch of money to get stuff, then a sniper kills him and loots his corpse. Done deal. I’d rather be the guy stealing the drops than the guy paying for them. It’s actually more unfair to the people paying for it than everyone else.

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