Link Dead Radio: Demographics and Design

OH.. MY GOOOOOOOD….. it’s another week of Link dead radio. The show with the stuff you like… you know, that stuff.

This week a lot more videos of stuff I am kind of interested in as well as blogging conversations about player demographics, Preorder nonsense and a couple pieces class design.

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The links

  • First off is the interesting survey results from Gaming Conversations that shows demographics and interests within mmo’s
  • Link Saves Zelda Looks at the discrimination against female protagonists that came up once again when Life is Strange reported they had trouble selling their idea to interested parties.
  • Nerdy but Flirty Responds to the level of hypocrisy within the geek community and the moniker of being repressed.  And also considering this vision, how they end up often bulling other groups as well.
  • Leo’s Life Proclaims that preorders need to stop and, I have to agree. At least when it comes to the big budget games and companies.
  • Occasional Hero Looks at why they are excited for a Guild Wars 2 expansion, kind f makes me hopeful and interested as well.
  • Weekly Wizardry Discusses the evils of homogenization when it comes to character classes. How differences and uniqueness between classes should be used and celebrated.
  • Gamer By Design Wonders whose game is it anyway when talking about mmo’s, in particular wow making the claim it will always be the developers. I have to disagree, it’s both. You have to have give and take but also a clear vision. If not well, some recent failures can be used as an example.
  • And lastly a controversial but interesting post from Kotaku of all places with one of the writers talking about their past, and need to play violent media. I know a lot of our medium can be used as guidance from those that need it, as a therapeutic tool but it’s also influencing much of the current, violent culture we have. MIxed feelings here.

And I haven;t said this before but if your really into some more detailed and in depth discussion about games culture and mechanics from around the interwebs then check out critical distance that does a great recap every week. I would often include some of these but like to keep this more a blogging/community thing.

And as always if you have posts I missed or sites you think I overlook then feel free to yell at me a little below.

The Vids

Splatoon Gameplay

Boid – interesting looking rts


identity kickstarter – modern day mmo

Medieval Engineers

Gunslugs 2

Shadowrun Hong Kong kickstarter

Season after the fall – platformer

4 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Demographics and Design

  1. I hadn’t heard of Identity before and I was momentarily excited by the idea of an MMORPG in a contemporary setting. Then I watched the video. Wearing a suit! Running a business! Paintball! Hunt deer! Really living the dream, guys.

    Looking at their Kickstarter page, though, they could hit their target. It’s a very low number though, isn’t it? $150k is enough money to be certain they’ll “have everything we need to ensure that Identity gets completed”? When what they’re building looks kind of like The Crew only with a lot more bells and whistles? Really?

    I would like a proper contemporary-setting MMORPG though. One with all the AI and written content Identity is so pleased to tell us it doesn’t have.

    • i really want a modern day mmo which is why i included it, with maybe supernatural or magical elements thrown in but just with a larger approach. The setting of TSW was great as was the story but it was just miss something. Oh and WoW for NOW does seem like a pretty pitch-able idea.

      Identity seems too mundane.. we need something grander, or at least be a part of something larger than corporate drone

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