Link Dead Radio: Payment Problems

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This week there seemed to be a lot of conversation around the gaming industry and the practice of early Access and Paying for broken products. Where does the blame lie and how to fix this mess, if it indeed can be fixed? And yes, the irony of having these conversations while also displaying new videos from Alpha/Bet products is not lost on me.

The Links

  • The Ancient Gaming Noob wonders if Early Access is a good thing for mmo’s and totally should have been linked already as it was the inspiration for my own.
  • Mr Luvva Luvva breaks down in what way everyone involved with the state of the industry is at fault when it comes to Broken Games
  • Thinking Play talks about the principle of Buy to Not Play and how it has taken over. It’s Pokemon remember…
  • Leo’s Life has a short history of the Early Access style of Development based on personal experiences which shows just how much change there has been.
  • The Bind Point Takes an analytical look at what subscriptions mean too us, debunking a few of the myths that get perpetuated now. A little cynical though haha.
  • To counter this of course we have the article by Tales of Aggronaut that the state of things now is just reaping what we sow. Paying for products was just how it was but the consumer base has become increasingly conceited and entitled with the expectation of more and more for free…. or at least a minimal expense. Common thoughts like “i’ll wait for it when it’s free” continue this progress we have where companies have to get increasingly devious with how they charge. The message.. Pay for the stuff you enjoy.
  • Superior Realities rants about how many often try to change products to their own narrow view. It’s ok to criticise and even to want changes but be accepting of other aspects that don’t interest you.
  • Eliot looks at the nature of Critique and Opinions within media and some of the clear, or misguided perceptions we can have
  • A Most Agreeable Pastime gives a personal account how an egotistical vision obtained from video games was righted by the varying natures of success that comes from rogue-likes
  • SkyCandy looks at the current overuse of the Rags-to-Riches trope and the limitations it has brought to the story, mechanics and ability to create a peronalised character and story within these worlds.
  • And lastly Bio Break is taking an interesting look at Lord of the Rings online from the perspective of the Book, interested to here more of his thoughts.

The Vids

Groiw Home

Ronin – stealth platformer


Homeworld Remastered –

Armello- digital tabletop thing

Sid Miers Starships

Children of Morta

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