Quick Look at Boid

a new early access title that seems quite polished for what it is with an intuitive ui and gameplay with a lot of map options. It’s a game revolving around territory control and capture points. Some points create new mobs while others turn these into a variety of different classes. The gameplay is then creating a strategy from the units you have available, controlling your space and capturing new points all the while battling your opponent.

There are a lot of different maps to choose from, each with their own strategies and difference in CLass types available. They all have varying difficulty too when facing an AI enemy. There is some Multi-player too and while the game sI have played did work well, there doesn’t seem to be many playing just yet.

Project Zomboid Preview

You already know how much I love this game.. just thought I’d make a youtube version professing my undying love as well.

2 thoughts on “NEW VIDJAS

  1. Have you ever played Galcon Fusion? Boid looks a little bit like that, but with more stuff like the classes you mention. For $3 I might have to grab it too.

    And your praise of Project Zomboid has it on my list as well, along with NEO Scavenger. 🙂

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