Farewell Massively

Well, it seems those rumours floating around during the week of Jostiq’s eventually demise were in fact true. The whole chain of sites within the joystiq realm including Massively are to be shuttered in the coming weeks. Quite a few larger sites have now picked up the news so it seems to be legitamate and not the next step in the lizard crews plans for world domination.

I’m actually incredibly saddened by this, more so than i thought i would be after first hearing the rumours. It’s been a great resource for mmo news, opinions and rant material for a long time now. But it is more than that, its been a daily morning habit; make my tea, check the emails and downloads and then browse massively. It’s been an easy time waster when bored.

I feel for the people working there as, i dont know, the relationship feels a bit more personal than the usual news cycle sites. Over the years of reading you tend to get a good sense of the personalities and interests of those writing there. We have many differences in opinions too, differences I’ve ranted against but there is so much there that champions for the games i want to play. However i think it was mostly just their infectious love of mmo gaming that I’ll miss most.

I wonder where that leaves the industry now too. Are mmos truly dead now because that’s how I’m feeling. Yes there are a few other larger mmo sites but Massively seemed to be the biggest by far and the spot for interviews, thoughts and just general talk about this medium. It’s been a place that has constantly brought people together for the love (and hate) of many mmo’s and enticed new blood into the MMO cult.

Well, at least they still have the Massively yaught i guess, just sail it into international waters first… Archeage IRL WOOOOOOO….

Also…am totes in for a patreon campaign. And i used the word totes, thats when you know it’s serious.

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  1. I think the “genre” as something worthy of specific coverage has long been in peril. I don’t want to see Massively go, but I wonder how necessary its mission is anymore.

    • I don’t think so, the genre has just begun pushing out some really neat stuff again. And even before that the amount of comments and stuff on posts shows there is a strong interest there.

      • Yes, but the idea of a MMORPG is so diffuse now. Many games take on aspects of them, without being a MMORPG. Take their coverage of MOBAs, for example. That might be a possible argument for Massively existing, but I think it is just as good an argument for a re-imagining.

      • I am with you for a re-imagining of the site. The are a few older elements of it’s design and running that I’ve always found weird. LIke, why the hell don’t they have a youtube in this day and age… would have been a great aggregate space for mmo vids.

    • there are a couple but the don’t hit all the news, not even close and I don’t really like their writers as much either. MMORPG is probably the best of them but DAMN is that site ugly and cumbersome

  2. Much as I understand why people may feel sad if this is true, I personally cannot feel sorry for Massively. While I, too, have been browsing it from time to time, simply because it was as popular as it was, I always hated them for certain practices, such as: huge images that when clicked do not enlarge but act as a link to an article; misleading links that don’t take one to an exterior site but to another Massively article or Massively search; etc.

    When reading the website, I often also felt like the articles tended to be quite biased

  3. *to continue after pressing the Post Comment button a little too early*

    …but that could be just me. What I think other people what relate to however is the occasional feeling of Massively’s articles not being of the most constructive kind, or made by the most knowledgeable of people.

    Anyhow, while the demise of Massively may mean we’ll be seeing less news on MMOs, with all I said before in mind I also think not much of value is going to be lost. Less volume, but also less linkbait and similar stuff.

    • Those large on site links and stuff were annoying but a stipend from AOL unfortunately.

      I know they were rather bias and opinionated but honestly, I enjoy that more than just straight news sites. Even when I don’t agree, or think they are making a bit of link bait I kind of enjoy that.. must be the inner troll in me.

      But even as a news site it was doing something valuable too. They do bring out a lot of news about projects and games I would not know about otherwise, not have the time to keep up with, and no other site seems to do. I do think the mmo genre will be poorer without that.

      There are a lot more things they could have been doing, and aspects to improve on. Quality has been a bit off for periods as well but meh, I don’t begrudge them for using the soapbox they have.

  4. Massively and MMORPG.com are a daily read for me so i guess that leaves me with one option. Even that one option, which tends to hate on anything not EQ1 or Eve, is slowly slipping into single players games and MOBA coverage. I can’t stress enough how little i think of MOBA’s.

      • That other one is the one i mentioned! MMORPG.com. Although it’s typically very toxic to anything not related to EQ1 or Eve, i still enjoy their forums. I suppose as far as articles go, there really is no option. I’m more of a forum dweller though.

      • Aaaa lot.. Thought there was a third haha. Yeh, there forums are ok at times. Some good discussions but the do tend to get toxic.

        Some of their articles tend to be ok I just don’t like how the site is designed

      • About the way MMORPG.com is designed, I’ve been told by them they are working on a new, more modern design. Obviously the current one is sort of a relic from days gone by, something nobody ever got around to fixing before.

        There would be room for another MMO news site for sure though. MMORPG.com has, as said, been slipping over to singleplayer games (according to them, due to a drought in the MMO market) and if Massively is to go away, there will be a hole left to fill.

      • Yeh I’ve heard that as well and they are going to be making a more distinct split between RPG and mmo.

        And I don’t think there has been a drought per Se… More of a general malaise that seems to have taken over with players leaving or branching out more from the genre as well as the writers

  5. I read about this a few days ago, I think on Polygon or Kotaku (have no idea tbh).

    I’m not surprised, but I’m definitely saddened to see Massively go. They were a truly neighborly pack of editors who really tried to be involved with the community during discussions, articles and even events like NBI. I think this is the biggest net loss from where I stand. Not many gaming sites actually interact with their community of gamers so well.

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    • Yeh… =p
      I do think something is brewing their. A comment by Jeff in the comments said not to worry. They are definitely under some kind of new so I wonder what they have planned

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