link dead radio: Farewells and Fun

WELCOME BACK WOOOOOOOOO…. exicted again.. Ravished for interesting articles. Need that next hit of blogging goodness from around this backwater of the interwebz.
oh well, that’s what you get anyway and this week we have a collection of farewells, New blog goodness, early access ideas and some thoughts on fun.

Many other bloggers have been talking about the demise of massively with all those that have a sense of decency wishing them well. Head to The Ancient Gaming Noob for a recount of all those talking about it.

The other Bad news too is that it seems Levelcapped has had enough of the blogging game or, at least moving on to google plus. Still haven’t commented there yet as I had no idea what to say.

A couple new entrants to the feedly this week have some great posts.

  • Not your Mama’s Gamer talks about gaming as an identity, feelings of inclusion and notion of credentials and how their often used to dismiss and omit certain groups.
  • Eliot, you know form Massively, has his own blog and for this week has a post about the inclusion and even intent of having exploits or “cheats” within the game.
  • I meant to say earlier that How to Murder time is back again, with a great podcast and many interesting articles.

And now, moving onto the rest

  • Xp Chronicles follows on with my post about the issues of Early Access by thinking on a few ideas for making the early access process better an easier to understand.
  • The Mystical Mesmer Does the word word response to the Early access Dilemma, THIEFFF!!.. that’s a copyrighted and trademarked reply Under the Eri’s Idiocy Act of 2015.
  • Herding Cats looks at the interesting concept of playing to not have fun. To engage in the challenging and frustrating, and then what comes form that.
  • Game Introspection has a meme filled post to show off the shared nature of that kind of vernacular
  • Gamer By Design gives a quick guide to theorycrafting, what and how to explore the medium as well as present your ideas. And in another post does some of his own.
  • And lastly I found this post at Kill Screen Daily rather interesting about an inside look at the programming tools designed to get more women in Coding

The Vids

aer concept trailer

gibli doco

homeworld remasterd gaming

children of morta


Dying light

offworld trading company

grim fandango remastered

life is strange

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