Couch Podtatoes Episode 32: Religion in Gaming

When there’s something strange, in your gaming hood. WHo ya gonna call POD-TATOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE

Me Vs. Myself and I


Welcome back for another episode of Couch Podtatoes! This week we lured Jaedia and Roger back to the show to help us tackle a controversial issue. The topic at hand is Religion in Gaming, and/or how Religion can affect games. It’s the standard guest format once again, where we talk about what we’ve been playing and then dive into the discussion. We present our religious affiliations and then I ask some important questions of the group, giving my own feedback as well. I think it was done in a way that won’t offend anyone, but I was unable to get any diehard religious folk to take part in the show, so it may be a little one sided. You be the judge. Enjoy the show.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 32: Religion in Gaming (runtime: 55:19)

What are we playing? (starts at 1:55)
Discussion: Religion Debate (starts at 7:58)

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5 thoughts on “Couch Podtatoes Episode 32: Religion in Gaming

  1. I read that you guys had a hard time finding guests for this, which surprised me a bit. I know several bloggers in our neighbourhood who have openly talked about being Christian in the past – but maybe it’s not the type of thing they prefer sharing in a podcast.

    I don’t know how I feel about religions in MMOs; I think I mostly really ignore them since they usually have no depth other than affecting some cosmetic choices maybe. Some devs like the idea of pantheons and deities etc. to make their lore canvas richer but in the end nobody dares to really tackle the subject, which is probably for the best. It’s more of a greek mythology-type of approach to the subject which tends to be wacky and entertaining.

    • I think WoW tends to get rather in depth with it’s own religious lore and expression. Not that I’ve seen much just read about it. And ESO had the lore underpinning of the different deities but it didn’t seem to really affect much.

      Mostly it comes down to a faction choice, or a buff and i’m not sure how i feel about that.

      as for getting someone we had a couple people we talked to but timing didn[‘t work out

  2. Muslim chiming in: “we can’t handle it”?

    Gee, thanks. I’m glad we’re all the same to you, Mr. Atheist. But what do I expect? Just that.

    I’ve played Call of Duty, and while I found shooting Muslims (shooting anyone) to be distasteful, and I found it to be a racist, simplified depiction of Arabs (I am not an Arab) I did not take to the streets with a rifle and burn cars. If anything, I was more offended by the scene in Call of Duty where white men walk into an airport and proceed to massacre innocent people by the hundreds.

    People need to stop treating Muslims with the kid gloves. If you want to ask us about our religion, then ask us. If you want to depict Islam in your art, then do your research and depict it. The reason we have all of these issues is because of the Orientalist racist mindset about Arabs and Islam. It is all essentialized, and all watered down to support European and American interests. Western intellectuals and religious figures have criticized Islam openly and vigorously since its inception. Muslims, likewise, need to shed the victim complex and with good knowledge of their deen (religion) stand up for it in the face of criticisms.

    By not challenging Islam honestly, with an informed opinion, artists and thinkers are missing out on an opportunity to enlighten themselves, and the minds of Muslims. By not having strong faith in the deen and good knowledge of the Qur’an, Muslims allow their religion to be dragged through the mud by terrorists and “Mr. Atheists” alike. Responding with petty violence strengthens the case against Islam and leaves the majority of Muslims (read: normal people) to pick the pieces up. As a result of this intellectual dishonesty from both sides, everyone loses.

    I think gaming is a great platform to get these messages across. I think gaming is a great platform for just about anything. Until we stop being afraid of one another, then we will continue down the spiral of dishonesty, disrespect, and enmity. Religion is still a huge part of society and the human experience and will be for ages to come, there is no reason for it to be a “taboo” topic. People need to get over that. We absolutely need to have honest dialogues on faith in our art, because by not talking about it, we allow faith to become hijacked by those who would see it used for their own ends.



    • THANKS FOR YOUR COMMMENT!!.. i know we had a very single minded approach from our own mostly sheltered views. I know for that instance when it was said it was more in reference to the recent charlie Hedbo case in the eu and how certain rather extremist groups of it react to when it is used. I know that isn’t what the majority are like of course and nor do I judge based on the actions of those few it’s but it still remains something people need to be careful of how they present at the moment.

      I don’t know how you feel but looking in I would be getting rather annoyed at the constant, stereotypical image that’s being constantly portrayed. Coming from the catholic faith lampooning our own god doesn’t really offend but then I guess that’s not all we are seeing, there are both negative and positive images constantly being presented from different viewpoints.

      Personally I don’t think it is about challenging beliefs, or the muslim faith but more using it in a greater number of ways within our medium. It would be nice to break from the standard middle eastern enemies approach and begin to get more characters and narratives focused on it and in a variety of styles. Really at the moment I think it’s just about portraying a lot of these different faiths and cultures in a a more varied ways… which is hat i believe your getting at too.

      And yes, I am officially talking out of my ass at the moment so welcome more info and opinions that are, you know, actually informed.

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