Link Dead Radio: New Blog Banter

Is it a rant, is it a Ramble.. NO. It’s the champion of all the defender of rambles. The champion of Rants. The Prophet of all that is bloggy and awesome.. LINK… DEAD… RADIOOOOOOOOOO.. *applause*

This week I’ve been scouring the deep dark alleys and canals of the bloggy backwaters for new, amazing blogger to add to my ever growing collection. I’m like the Collector from guardians of the galaxy… except for gamey blogs. CHECK EM out. Oh.. and there’s other stuff from some other boring old bloggers… =p

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Couch Podtatoes Episode 33: Part Two, Politics

Me Vs. Myself and I


This is part two of our previous week’s discussion, this time we answer similar questions about gaming when looking through a political lens. The first ten minutes or so devolves into us just talking politics, so you can skip that if you wish, but if you are unfamiliar with political leanings outside of your own country, it might be insightful. Overall this show is basically a repeat of the last, while swapping topics, but that isn’t to say it wasn’t an interesting discussion! Roger and Jaedia helped us fill out the discussion once again. Take a listen and enjoy!

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 33: Part Two, Politics (runtime: 44:06)

Discussion: Political Debate (starts at 0:00)

Host Contact information:

Blog: Me vs. Myself and I

Blog: Healing The Masses
Twitter: @ausj3w3l

Guest Contact information:

Blog: Dragons and Whimsy
Twitter: @jaedia

Blog: Contains Moderate Peril
Twitter: @moderateperil

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