Link Dead Radio: New Blog Banter

Is it a rant, is it a Ramble.. NO. It’s the champion of all the defender of rambles. The champion of Rants. The Prophet of all that is bloggy and awesome.. LINK… DEAD… RADIOOOOOOOOOO.. *applause*

This week I’ve been scouring the deep dark alleys and canals of the bloggy backwaters for new, amazing blogger to add to my ever growing collection. I’m like the Collector from guardians of the galaxy… except for gamey blogs. CHECK EM out. Oh.. and there’s other stuff from some other boring old bloggers… =p

The Links

  • First Post is for a Newbie Blog called My Main is a Cook that all you foody types will love that focuses on MMO food Porn… much noms.
  • Gaming Conversations continues on with the Gamer Demographics, this time looking at the differences between the content types enjoyed
  • Soulbound Life, another newbie blog I picked up from somewhere that totes need your love. TOOOOOOTTTEEESSS. The two part post about the current Dilemma;s of MMO’s (first part) which looks at a few of the main mechanics and features are particularly awesome. Haven’t commented yet but just you wait…
  • Not Your Mama’s Gamer, another awesome blog I’ve just started reading has a post looking at the predominance of male disguises for Female protagonists and how it takes away the agency from characters. I really need mroe time to comment everywhere.. sigh…
  • Party Business looks at a few ways we can encourage the creation and usefulness of Social Venues in MMO’s
  • Contains Moderate Peril looks at the issues with overfamiliarity with a genre. more related to his interest of Movies here but easy to relate to MMO’s with how you gain an familiarity with the fundamentals that in turn makes you more critical.
  • XP Chronicles has a couple long posts follwoing on with the discussion about monetisation, but this time focusing on the ethics of game development
  • Sprites and Dice looks at the Hand Of Fate (CCG) early access with some examples of how this early access model can benefit development and player involvement.

The Vids

Black Desert  update 2

Interview type vid looking at an amazing cosplay creator

Cities: Skylines .. looks like the building sim we deserve

Museum Tycoon dev blog thingy

Pillars of Eternity Presentation

Space Hulk Deathwing…. purrty guns

Dreadnought Gameplay

New GW2 pvp Mode: strongholds teaser. There’s a good twitch vid now on it too

Meekazoo  platformer

Red Goddess.. another platformer

Neptune .. sidescrolling underwater exploration

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    • Your welcome.. and of course welcome to the strange exciting and soul destroying hobby of blogging hehe. Great posts too and can’t wait to read more, I swear I’ll comment soon too… after this match, and this turn.. no the next death =p

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