3 thoughts on “New Vid – Darkest Dungeon Run

  1. I have a bunch of level 5s now and have killed one of the tier 3 bosses. Stress is pretty nonexistent now. I haven’t used the sanitarium once yet but I really should 🙂 most of my buildings are maxed out – I can’t wait for the next dungeon releases!

    • Wow well done. I slowed down lot once I killed those first three but really want to keep going.
      New Dungeon spaces are going to be amazing although I’m still impressed with how polished the rest of it is.

      • Yup, they have done a great job. It does get ‘grindy’ a bit. I am around week 50 in the hamlet and I have 5 level 5s, 3 level 4s, and kind of left the rest behind – I run 2 teams now. They never get stressed out, they haven’t been in much trouble of dying either. I’m not sure if that change in difficulty was planned by the devs but I am kind of glad it is – its *hard* to get a level 5, and if they died often, that would mean a LOT of grinding to get back there and that would take the fun away.

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