Guiding an Interest in Gaming

One of the things I always seem to see a lot within comments and reddit’s and wherever people are talking about games is how to introduce someone to gaming. It’s a conversation that keeps getting circulated, often with a bunch of examples given out and then left at that. I have never really thought about that question myself as it isn’t something I’ve ever done. It is more something that has come across as the continued fetishising of gaming girls, that weird allusive creature. Or maybe it’s the interest to mold people in their own interests, or just gain a greater sense of legitimacy as a medium. Whatever the reason I didn’t care, I love gaming but it’s not something I would ever assimilate people towards as it seems mostly futile.

Lately though it has been something that I’ve had to think about. One of my friends at work expressed an interest but of course had no idea where to start. I mean, for someone that has never tried games nor has any knowledge of what they would actually like makes it rather hard.

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