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This week week we have some excellent article looking at the undercurrents of sexism within gaming and society as a whole, an impassioned plea really. And then there is the usual collection of critiques and boundless optimism about mmo’s

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Death and Despair in Diablo

I still don’t know why I play Diablo 3 and yet I sent almost the entirety of my weekend going sessions levelling up a couple characters in the new Season. Hard core of course. Mostly this was my witch doctor as it is by far my favourite class. Something about the combination of kills just works for me.

For the build it was a funny combo. Completely unoptimal in terms of damage apparently but it’s what I like. I mostly rely on spirit barrage with the passives…. Which make it a rather minimal cost but decent damage. Nice long range attack too that doesn’t need line of sight. With some decent life on hit this pretty much makes me a turret, just stand in place and spam.

To support that are the plague of locusts skill with pestilence and then haunt. The provides some extra damage and control while spamming my main skill.

I’m rather impressed with the new abilities and passives that are getting added to the game with each patch too. Some really interesting ones that create  lot of new play option. For me the was the secondary on a legendary offhand that created a new undead puppy every 6 seconds. This let me take the skill to make them off my be and replace it with the skill to blow them up. And let me tell you, an endlessly supply of exploding under puppies made me giggle in the most unsettling ways.

It was a wonderful build and I was even going through master level with it quite easily. Of course this all came crashing down on me with one level to go before getting to cap.

It was the usual Dungeon and what seemed a normal elite pack that completely got put of control. An illusionist, arcane and frozen enemy. Decently dangerous group as those types of effects are very dangerous and those zerk mobs hit hard. They were steadily splitting into more and more but I was coping with it. Whittling them down with barrage and plague. And then, I have no idea what happened but I went from full health to nothing in a blink. It was all gone. Of course, being away from d3 for a bit I’d forgotten the awesome skill to save you from mortal damage so, the was it.

After 13 hours of play it there nothing left but a corpse and me starring at the ceiling with my mouth wide open. It is these moments where you could, quite serioisly break something just to get that release of emotions out. My method is a bit better.


I lay there staring up for a while, hubby in the background asking what’s wrong, seeing the computer screen and then leaving me be. I was ready to run quote for the day and do something productive but, back on the horse and started a new witch doctor called don’tdie. Thankfully I had a couple friends online who rushed me up towards cap incredibly quickly. It took about an hour of torment 6 power levelling with them killing and me hiding away, ready with my coward sprint before I was back up to 68 again and unscathed, except for one close call.

While it’s great to be levelled so quickly like this there are a few downsides too. I have a rather mismatched batch of gear now that is far below the level I’m at. I’m missing a lot of the pieces that fill out the build too and make it work. It’s also the lack of legendary items that  make levelling the rest of the way a bit harder. My damage is so bad that I’ve even had to set the difficulty back to normal… NORMAL…I’ve never done normal and even that has resulted in a close encounter so far.

Im guessing this will be easier once I get a few extra legendary items in the bank to flesh out the next character. With a new Season I can’t draw from what I already had so am stuck creating that wealth of items once more.

Well, at least now I should be levelling after cap for the first time in season 2, gaining some more paragon levels, getting some user gear and having a wealth of shut to disenchanted if I do want to create some more for the next characters levelling. But, I think I Kent my lesson now with being a little head strong. Time to think more like a merchant during these adventures, forever caution and running at the first sign of trouble.

*pictures and actual editing to come once I get home*