Link Dead Radio – The “how do I get this many videos a week” edition


This week week we have some excellent article looking at the undercurrents of sexism within gaming and society as a whole, an impassioned plea really. And then there is the usual collection of critiques and boundless optimism about mmo’s

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The Links

  • A+ post form Dragons and Whimsy about sexual objectification what it means to her and the effects it has on all of us. go read right meow.
  • Eliot Lefebvre Wonders why the fighting genre is still gross as hell with it’s characterization of female characters that is both demeaning and completely shameless.
  • Wolfy’s Eyes has a great positive post regarding the strengths of the industry and it’s abilitiy to evolve and adapt.

Worry comes out of deep love.  I understand.  Truly.  But if you love something then you let it live its life out and watch it do things.  You support the ideas you appreciate and ignore the ones you don’t.  You look at the long-term and don’t focus on the terrifying stumbling first steps.

MMO gamers should be delighted and fascinated.  Not scared.  A meager dose of worry, a larger dose of critical edge, and healthy heaps of eagerness should be the mindset for this genre.

  • On the counter to that superior realities gets all critical in a great list with the main mmo foundation mechanics and what mmo did the worse.
  • Gaming Conversations has an article about a few concepts involved in online conversations and creating social constructs
  • Casual Aggro falls to the lure of free shinies and the talks about the attitude behind his style of play
  • Lastly A post over at Nerdy But flirty about what you would say to your younger self really made me think. I would say a lot of things but my younger self would be too arrogant and unmotivated to change anything .. so yeh, haven’t changed much. What would you say?

The Vids

Greddy Gusn trailer – and they have a demo version

Terraria Otherworld

The order: Launch Trailer

Darkside Detective

Alto’s Adventure – really nice looking ios game

Homeworld Remastered

Dungeons 2 – if it’s an updated Dungeon keeper I’m sold

Grow Home Update – starting to get rather interested

Not A hero – basically a side scrolling hotline miam, so yeh a definite purchase

Tahira Kickstarter

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