Awesomely Unemployed

So I am now officially unemployed. I handed i my resignation a few weeks back as I needed to give some notice before the finale day. I worked out that time and surprisingly the boss ad owners weren’t complete tools during the entire time like they have been to other staff that were leaving. Of course I’ would have liked to see them try haha.

Yesterday was my last day and it was nice to say goodbye to everyone, colleagues and parent’s. I’ve been there quite a while and looked after many of the children over the years there and it was nice to see how much the parents cared and appreciated my work. Got some sweet pressies too although I think the drawing from one of my toddlers was particularly awesome. She loves space ship pretend play which I’m happy to join in with so she drew a little scene for me, mum putting in the names of course haha.

And now, here I am. Thursday morning doing nothing and unemployed


I had a months worth of Holiday pay still owing so that should be paid out with my next pay that gives me a lot of leeway to find new work. Child Care is an industry with a lot of turn over too so hopefully it won’t be long before I find a position somewhere. I’ve sent out the resume, rug a few people already and general done a little of searching but mostly leaving all the footwork till monday. For no it’s time for a bit of a relax.

I am still thinking about it though. I am wondering if that was the right move. Leaving a paying position is always a gambit when you don’t have something already lined up but it’s one of those things, especially for me that I kind of have to do it in order to be more vigilant in more searches. It still something that plays on your mind though, the worry for the future, what the next job will be like and, I’m guessing with a little more time the people and children I worked with.

looking back

Of course now I have a lot of time on my hands and a lot of plans to catch up on. I have a notebook bristling with ideas that are begging to be written down. I want to make some more youtube videos of course, not sure what just yet but there will be something. OOOO.. that dark souls playthrough haha. I have been thinking about using this time to get my blog self hosted too, that is a little scary though …. and a lot of work. Wondering if the benefit is actually there.


Oh and now that I am unattached send all job offers through. And you developers, I’ll totally sell out as well 😉


11 thoughts on “Awesomely Unemployed

  1. Whoo! Well, sometimes you just need a break from the regular grind to recover from working too hard for too long.

    Hopefully you’ll find somewhere else soon, but not too soon, so you’ve enough time to relax and recharge for the next job!

  2. It’s a big leap and congrats on the confidence to just do it. Odd from what I know of you, I have complete confidence that you’ll be somewhere you are happier at when you are ready.

  3. Interestingly, I am in the childcare industry as well, and currently getting my Diploma while a centre is sponsoring me. I never thought I would be doing this job, because I was from the film industry (and generally disliked it) and left it without any plans in mind. Yeh sometimes you just gotta leave, whether it’s for good or just to give your mind a rest. I hope you get a good break and do some creative things, and good luck for the future.

    • i still love childcare for some reason, no idea why haha so will probably stick with it. And yeh, this little brreak will let me recharge properly, get my head rigth again without thinking about it all constantly. freeing in a way, scary but freeing

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