My Anime of Old

I’ve been on a bit of an anime kick again lately but tinted of trying out all the new interesting  titles I’ve been meaning to I’ve instead hopped in the nostalgia train and began watching all my old favourite animes.

And doing that I thought I’d take the opportunity to write what those are and why I loved them so much.

Cowboy Bebop

The seminal anime of my generation which still holds much of its appeal today. It revolves around a futuristic time and the stories of a Bounty Hunter and the crews misadventures. Mostly these are failed adventures which I think draws you i even more as you are constantly cheering them on as well as just feeling overwhelming endeared when their heart guides those actions.

I think what I like so much was the way it has an interesting stand alone structure to the episodes but large over-arching plot points to the characters as well. It plays well with the individual characters personalities and backgrounds; it comes out during a few episodes, drives their actions and create an interesting dynamic between each other. You gain an understanding of them ad their motivations during the show and as you learn more you just fall i love with them all.. or want to give them a big hug.

It’s also the first anime that really, truly made me cry. Like bawl my eyes out. I got so connected and engaged with he characters that those final moments and episodes became incredibly moving. I won’t spoil anything but to say have some tissues handy for the last few episodes.



A heartwarming story of character, just out to make the world better that is unfortunately the catalyst to a lot of destruction. Mostly a rather ridiculous plot, silly stories and such but this particular apocalypse style setting makes it all fit together to something far more.

perhaps it’s just another one of those mmo’s where i actually like the protagonists and no, not in a cute way but in that way where you just want them to succeed. You have hope they can do it. Perhaps it was also the way in which he constantly endeavored to keep people from harm, it created some rather memorable scenarios because of it.

love and PEACE!!!

love and PEACE!!!

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Awesome female group wearing mechas… HOW COULD I NOT LOVE IT.



At the time this was a great source for female characters done well. I’m not going to say there wasn’t any fan service but it was never enough to overpower the brilliant bits of the show.

The characters were well planned with a lot of differentiation between their own interests and personalities. It wasn’t some stereotypical nonsense like the other version but just well designed and thoughtful characters. I also love how throughout, they are always striving to grow and prove themselves but always for themselves.

knight sabers

knight sabers

The mech suits were rather awesome too; interesting design, sleek and maneuverable. Awesome coloring and the abilities were tactile and physical to match their pilot.

The story is once again rather soso but the world building is one of a kind. An interesting mix of futuristic technology and ideas mixed in with our real world understanding. The complications and ideologies they explore are also rather intriguing.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Watching this again lately has been like snuggling up and squeezing a big pillow of nostalgia.


An incredibly cute, well done series that does the magical girl trope to perfection. Wonderfully kitsch adventures involving the daily life of Japan ; schooling, housework, and general living with a layer of crazy magical battles over the top.

Sakura is a wonderful character that oozes warmth and caring to those around her as well as the cards, or spirits  she controls during battle She shows incredibly strength throughout her many adversities while ever breaking from the characteristics that make her, her. She doesn’t back down or lose who she is and in fact uses that as her strength throughout.

I love the fight scenes as they aren’t overly violent, often just involving a certain puzzle or action to complete. There is conflict with other parties but these all seem mostly rather respectful. The spirits are designed well with their own characteristics to involve and combine that make the fights almost like a mystery you are trying to uncover as well. Oh, and she wears the cutest freekin costumes.

and I want my own kero

totes adorbs

totes adorbs

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The very first anime I ever watched. I have no idea why i was watching sbs one night, the channel of foreign weirdities but it was here I glimpsed Neon Genesis evangelion and instantly fell I love. This also probably explains why i still love mechas, I started with the greatest mechas.

It is a wonderful series with some amazing scenes and mecha fights. I love the combat here, it looks great and they are amazing in their design. The angels, or enemies they fight are particularly breathtaking in they way they can conceivably be so similar and have their own personalities yet break the barriers of reality with their new abilities and forms. I particularly love the way they do these encounters as you truly feel the physical and emotional toll it takes on the eva pilots. It’s not just a simple fight but a battle for life and death, for sanity.


The characters themselves are a rather weird bunch but used in such a way to truly explore notions of self, purpose, identity and notions of humanity. It is an exploration of emotions and the human psyche, and that of a higher power. The whole series is one incredibly mind fuck, constantly playing with what you think and believe, making you feel the absolute terror and heartache of those moments. that twists your heart and your brain into mush but I think that’s why I enjoyed it, it was just the same silly cartoon but one that made me truly think and contemplate those weird concepts I never really had before.

It’s truly a brilliant series in many ways.

Near the cut

Ghost in the Shell


and I’ve been watching them somewhere if you would want to know where ask on twitter.

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  1. Going through Kissanime? 😛 I quite liked Bebop but Trigun was the one that made me cry. Haven’t seen Bubblegum, Card Captor or Lain. If you like mecha related stuff have you tried the Vision of Escaflowne (series)? I quite enjoyed that one. 🙂

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