Virtual Reality and Exploring the Realm

I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually been interested i the whole virtual reality fad that has been going around. I never gave a bollocks about 3d tv and I certainly never cared about occulus and the other one with the trenchcoat.

In my mind it is these kind of technologies that mostly just get in the way of playing a game. Yeh they have certain interesting aspects but it always ends up being in that weird middle ground. The uncanny valley of visuals and controls. It’s never polished enough, it never works exactly like it should with the game and it just ends up being a little too frustrating, cumbersome and annoying to use.

And then I saw this video and suddenly got excited.

Yes I get that the visuals are sub par but it is the possibilities that excite me. I don;’t care about gaming in virtual reality but being able to just explore varying worlds, or even just parts of our own world AND UNIVERSE that get mapped out is rather amazing. I want to experience that. To be immersed in these spaces.

As the technology involves I think these sorts of endeavors will only increase and the fidelity of the image will of course improve as well. How awesome would it be to just pick up that strange helmet one day and then decide to maybe climb up to see machu picchu one day. Or visit the depths of the ocean. And, like what is shown the surface of mars. That makes me excited.

It’s also why I don’t want the Vision of No Man’s Sky to change. I want to use it as the vast universal playground, a space to endless explore to fulfill those base instincts I have. If it were to become something “more” than that then I don’t think I’d be as interested anymore, well at least not in the VR aspects anyway.

The strengths of the VR system is in exploring space. Immersing you into a world. Making the environment and the experience that much more real and meaningful and having to game it up. To use controllers and all that nonsense as extensively just seems like it would take me out of that.