I’ve been reading about the recent updates for Broforce and it has kind of instilled that pasion once more for me. It was a game I really enjoyed for the over-the-top explosions and gory deaths but when I did play it there really wasn’t enough to keep me engaged for that long.

Now, it was calling to me once again and I’m rather impressed with the amount that has been added. The campaign mode has seen a lot of improvements to make it more streamlined and better defined. rather than the continuous mission structure of before it’s now part of a map where you get to choose areas to liberate.  Each area has it’s own style that you play within for a few missions that then usually ends in a kind of boss fight.

The gameplay is still the same… which is to say insanely fun. Big splosions everywhere. Running and gunning like a lunatic and of course, delighting in what I like to call dumb psychopathic fun. I constantly cackle while playing like a deranged killer, every time something explodes around me, when enemies rain down like meaty pixel chunks and at the ridiculousness of what’s happening. I laugh and squeel when one of my bros dies because I get caught up in an explosion, when they get shot from a far, or when I accidently knife one of the exploding barrels. It’s also a game where I can;t help but copy so many of the silly little sound effects, as well as make up my own… singing stabby, stabby, stabby, stabby, stabby, stabby, stabby, stabby… while knifing the bodies around me…. yeh I’m disturbed but SO WILL YOU BE after playing a little of this.

And here’s a little vid where I play some while talking about the mechanics and elements I like with me cackling that has aptly been called by some as a deranged female orc…yeh, bronchitis be kind sucky haha

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