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Well it seems those blogging awards are doing the rounds again. Usually I tend to back out form them, being the grinch of blogging and all but this time I might just join in as it’s a great way to share a little more personal information about myself as well as support other bloggers.

First I’ll just say thanks to Both Aywren and Doone for nominating me

thank you foo

Ok first 11 little facts about me –

I enjoy sitting on the ground more than a chair

I’m seriously addicted to sugar

I’m a rather good climber and got into a lot of trouble because of it growing up

leading on from this my favourite place to go and think is on the roof, usually at night

I enjoy sliding around our tiled house on socks when bored

I love getting messy

I’m actually a rather organised person; alphabetising and categorising my books, cd’s and music

When hanging out the clothes I often make patterns with the coloured pegs.

I used to really enjoy cross stitch and Crochet, getting back into it again.

I love puzzles, any and every puzzle and will spend hours and hours putting the pieces back. Actually have my eye on a $350 one with 30,000 pieces.

My best subject has always been maths, although I hate the field… tis boring.

You might like fun eri facts I put on twitter too haha


Ok, and now for those questions and why not answer them all starting with those from Doone and XP CHronicles.


  • The best made game you ever played. Civilization 2 – a lot of the series are absolutely fantastic and well designed but this was the title that really hooked me and consumed, I would say hundreds and hundreds of hours. The only game coming close to that in terms of time would be terraria.
  • Your favorite icecream and/or desert. For icecream, vanilla with cookie dough chunks NIOM. For deserts probably anzac cookies, no idea why I love them so much but i do,
  • Are you lazy? Why? Yes, extremely. Probably stemming from my Narcolepsy and constantly feeling tired. Think about those times you have had prolonged times of not enough sleep – times that by 30 years and yeh, thats about right.
  • Why do you write? To eb honest I have no idea. It’s not really for recognition or anything like that.I guess more a creative outlet at the moment. I also think a lot and it’s nice to write a lot if it down.
  • What’s your proudest moment in a video game? I was pretty proud making it reasonably hugh in the multiplayer ladder for Command and Conquer, Red Alert growing up. But other than that, games are really something I feel proud for accomplishing. there are definitely those moments of elation upon completing hard things but proud… hmmm.
  • What’s a dream you’re still pursuing? It’s a bit silly but I don’t really have any goals I’m actively pursuing. I do have a lot of things I want, and would like to do but not in the way of making it a life long dream. When stuff happens it will happen.
  • Among your group of friends, which friend type are you? (the crazy one, quiet one, ambitious one, planner, designated-driver, etc) A little bit of all of them haha. Definitely known for my crazy attitude as well as doing amazing things occasionally, as well as pushing others towards those too. I can often be incredible insular and pensive too. And yeh, caring and helpful enough to be that designated driver, or help people move, drive to the airport. And yes, as much as I go with the flow I still do plan things, whether I stick with that plan is a different story.
  • What do you do to get away from it all? Like in the above question I often climbed up to the roof to think when growing up. Living near the city and higher up it gave a great view. Books are a big thing as well, just lying back and spending an entire day reading. Love bike riding too, big Mountain bIke I used to go out on a lot and just ride, to nowehre in particular but just somewhere (where I am now the road is a bit dangerous to ride on which is sad) Games are of course part of that too.
  • How many fingers am I holding up? Don’t you waggle your moral finger at me Mr Doone
  • Do you like dancing? Why or why not? But of course. I was always the person in my clubbing days to be the first way shaking mah bootay on the dance floor without any drinks in me. At home it’s a constant too, bopping along to music that’s on, especially while cleaning the house.
  • What’s your super power in real life (your special talent)? to pick the absolutely slowest lane when driving without fail… it’s rather annoying. That and my ability to consume copious amounts of sugar without getting sick, proved to many in that my childhood snack was a bag of sugar

And now for Aywren’s from Clean Casuals


  • If money and time was no object, what would you be doing right now? Definitely travelling the world, probably photographing and sketching it as well. I’ve been quite a few places already but there is still so much I want to do. First, probably south America and climbing Machu Pichu
  • What was the name of your first blog? Ummmmm…. you’re reading it haha
  • Are you a morning or night person? Definitely a night person. In the morning I’m the creature from the black lagoon, not something you either want to look at or annoy.
  • If you could live in any period of history, when would it be? Hmmm… I’m a future girl. Give me space ships, laser guns and awesome robots please.
  • When did you first play video games, and what was the first game you remember playing? The first I can remember is sitting at a pub with my mum and grandad playing dig dug on those coffee table systems. After that is probably with my dad and doom… blowing up monsters made me laugh apparently… which explains a lot.
  • Name a gift you will never forget. sadly, my own pet dinosaur. It was this wonderful squishy dinosaur cuddly toy I named percy
  • If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Creative, Caring and Bat-Shit Crazy
  • Tank, heals, DPS, support, or crowd control? I play a little of all of them these days but healing is still my favourite. My favourite class was the mystic in Tera so a mix of heals, buffs and cc is awesome.
  • If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why? Sigmund Freud, just so I could beat him to death with a dildo… IRONIC ENOUGH FOR YOU. I never liked many of his theories and it annoys me just how prominent many of them still are.
  • What is one item in a MMO inventory that you should probably throw away, but never will? I always have a lot of random foods in my bag, much like real life haha.
  • Do you have a “main” character that you roll consistently in MMOs? Cleric characters, heals while the ability to bash someone on the head with my big hammer. I generally enjoy anthropomorphic races too.


And now to pass on the Liebster virus towards other, unexpected but awesome bloggers. There have already been so many amazing blogs that have received so I think  I’ll try and highlight those newbie bloggers that haven’t.

Mr Luvva Luvva because that’s my favourite name ever.. also great posts but yeh, that name

7 days a week as I love all those archeage stories

Game Introspection for discussion on game design

Endgame Viable – not exactly a newbie but a returning blogger. Interesting ideas and opinions

Scree – interesting posts but also working on a new platform for sharing and finding blogs that looks revolutionary

Umm and now for the questions I guess but I’m terrible at this.

  • If you were to be an expert in a singular subject (anything not just regular school stuffz) what would that be
  • Your favourite tv show or cartoon when growing up
  • If you were to be turned into a monster, from any medium or even your imagination what would that be.
  • Favourite mode of transportation in games
  • Your favourite piece of merchandise, gaming or non-gaming
  • The music that gets you moving, genre and artist
  • If you were to punch a historical figure who would that be.
  • If there was one law you were able to break with impunity which would it be
  • If you could bring one mechanic from games into the real world what would it be.
  • Draw me personal portrait, and yes paint is acceptable.

Of course if anyone else wants to complete these too you’re more than welcome



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