Link Dead Radio: Randomly Redundant

Beware… An ancient evil has take over the blogging community of late. A disease some enticing yet corrupting at the same time and swept amongst the many people. No-one is safe, no-one immune… it will be the end of us all. It’s name is Liebster.

And yes haha, it seem like there was a little less regular blogging this week because of a certain chain award being spread about but, I still have a collection here waiting down in the basement, stored for such a time as now.

The Links 

  • A new blog added to the Feedly called FemHype with a lot of interesting posts. This week I’d say check out Male is not default and a talk of certain issues that highlight the inequality.
  • Murf gives as a great philosophical piece, as he does, about the term mmo being redundant and the elements of the industry and lives that dilute those mmo bonds.
  • Harbinger Zero has a few words on exploration and the way Star trek online incorporated it in a separate space that constantly generated new places to explore.
  • Gaming SF gives a few little elements they love in Everquest 2 that I’d like to see elsewhere as well.
  • Mr Luvva Luvva wonders if we are becoming too entitled after seeing the reaction during this months “late” PS Plus titles.

The Vids

Trine 3

Deaths Gambit – 2d dark souls


Pamela – sci-fi horror survival


Chariot – platformer

Magicka 2