Link Dead Radio: Identifying with the Industry

oh what dastardly plots I’ve run a foul of, bringing my post to the pit of despair. Planning to undo me in the most wicked of ways, curled around me and suffocating the will of the scheduled post. In other words the unemployment/ vacation vibes made me forget what day it was.. so i missed a day.

But alas, you are still trapped within the telling of these terrible tales of trite tidbits.

The Links

Gamer by design gives a little personal insight in the company he works within as well as questions of gender diversity within the workforce

Not your mama’s gamer take a look at the main gaming news outlets and the lack of female representation amongst them and the impact it might have.

The Bind Point thinks about the way our industry, and lifestyle is looked upon to be illegitimate amongst the mainstream.

Herding Cats Looks the way we sometimes identify with a brand, and  when that goes to far and that brand becomes our reality.

Contains Moderate peril has a related post, with a message relevant to gaming in a way in how there can be a cult around certain personalities. A group defending and allowing a person to get away with actions that are mostly unreasonable.

Endgame Viable continues on the discussion with procedural generation from last week looking at the line between the two

Occasional Hero Wonders what the point is with crafting, in most mmo’s anyway and questions whether it really has a place in the modern themepark mmo.

Wolfy’s Eyes loofs at their personal interests and experiences with PvP at the moment. The ways it doesn’t work and the experiences many of us are waiting for from games like Camelot Unchained

In An Age uses a few analogies when discussing the use of purchasing items within star citizen, and like mechanics within mmo’s. In a way it does add an unfair advantage to an equation that should just be about time and skill.

Lastly Bio break asks the question, is this the year of old mmo loves…. i tend to think so.

The Vids

Cities Skyline… Tis awessome

Sid Meiers – Starships apparently terrible

Bloodborne Launch Trailer

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  1. I keep hearing about Cities in a variety of my feeds. If it weren’t for budgeting for a physical CE of Heavensward I’d maybe dip my toesies in.

    • oooo.. i love artbooks and so few mmo’s put them in…

      and yeh cities is pretty great and I think will only get better with time

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