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Getting all gangsta at a 50's party

In case you haven’t realised yet this is a relatively new gaming blog regarding my adventures and general musings. I am no where near the blog connoisseur like many or have the intellectual wit like some so don’t expect any breathtaking reads, informed opinions, or on the ball news reports. I aim to entertain and maybe inform about my mostly heal related experiences in the electronic world

I have been gaming for around 15 years now beginning from my love of harvesting Tiberium in Command and conquer or ore in Red alert. I played multi-player quite a bit back then with friends, having lan gatherings and the like. My first experience was Wolfenstein 3d on those big ass floppy disks and then playing Doom and Duke Nukem after Primary school some days at my parents work.

After that it was mostly console games for awhile with mega drive, snes, and ps1. To this day i still want a rehashed Road Rash.. how  awesome would it be with some sort of online multi-player. It has been pc all the way now for a few years, but no beefy self constructed systems here.. just me, my lovely hubby, the laptop, and a razer naga.

The current lappy is an i7 1.6ghz quad core (up to 2.2), radeon hd 6750m 1gb but am looking at upgrading soonish, to another laptop of course… comfort gaming greater than all

I pretty much play anything and everything and my tastes are quite eclectic…Strategy, Shooters, Adventure, puzzle and of course MMO’s. MMO’s have been the big hit in my playing time for a while now and i really like the style of play. I mostly go for heal or support characters because generally in the group environment they tend to require a little more finesse. I thoroughly enjoy the pvp environment as well be it instanced or open world, so far Tera while leveling has to be my favourite. And sorry to all those pvp veterans i have never tried AOC, Darkfall, DAOC, Shadowbane and the like…. i promise to try eve at some point and will give a good go at darkfall 2.0 when it comes out.

If anyone has any gaming suggestions please give a comment.. or cool anime

Also if you need to contact me, I have an Alt mail account HealingtheMasses at Hotmail dot com just take into account that I may not look at it very often. Or you could contact me via twitter and I’ll get it straight away

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