Camelot Unchained Update

In case you haven’t seen it Camelot Unchained has had a new update on its Kickstarter page and there are a few interesting morsels to indulge.

And if you want the TL:DR

The development team has gained a couple of new members. A producer, gameplay engineer, and community manager.

Starting a roadmap development style log similar to Planetside 2 that let’s everyone see the direction of current development and maybe have a handful on guiding it later on in a more defined way then forum polls.

  • At the moment they are focused on creating the server code that will form the basis for the game.
  • Updating the website
  • Continued work on the building system
  • Fleshing out the stories and art of the current and new races.

Also there is concept for a the Hamadryads race. The typical nature type race but they have taken a few design ideas from the GW2 Sylvari and created another rather unique race. They primarily take their cues from Moths but also add a couple features from plants and flowers.

Countdown for Camelot Unchained

I was going to write out a list of all the new information coming in as apart of The Mark-A-Thon on Camelot Unchained’s Kickstarter but unfortunately my brain works in such a way that when I’m actually trying to concentrate on the message it gets overridden immediately by external stimuli. He has been answering a lot of the backers questions and there are some very interesting points including a nifty bounty system, battlegrounds (non-instanced), horizontal and vertical progression, lot sizes and expansion, mechanics and rewards of control, and quite a bit about the combat of the classes…. so forget this for now and go check it out for yourself.

The Kickstarter is in its last days and it’s going to be close..very close but I hope so so much that this will be a success. I have had and am having an amazing time in GW2’s WvW with my guild and even solo but it is glaringly obvious the flaws this mode has. CM looks to be a drastic iteration on the 3 way combat model, more so than war and DAoC, maybe even Elder Scrolls as well. Even in areas unrelated to RvR like housing, or apart of every mmo like server/engine coding and networking much of the work I’ve sen is really quite revolutionary.

I took part in the last network tests and for a very very early code and model it was pretty impressive. FPS through the roof and very responsive, there was a bit of rubber banding near the end of the demo due to aussie ping but i was pretty impressed with what I saw considering it is..what.. less than a months work.

CM test client
One amazing article out there at ONRPG that you should read called The Final Countdown for a Kickstarter, and an Industry really delves into the sentiment of this project, the feelings many in the community are having, and the heartbreak that would probably be felt if it was to fail. It is a project that is dreaming big and daring to be different in a genre where most developers seem set on the same destructive trends.

So I beseech thee, if you enjoy mmo style pvp, if you love large scale combat, sandbox features, community focus,  or open and transparent development give a little so we can see this game in the future. Forget the past and Marks failures for a bit and support an idea that we hold strong, ideas that sound so very creative and amazing in a genre that has gotten so stale. Even if you hate PvP give some, because in the end if this succeeds it means a sizeable population of us will no longer be clogging up your games and bothering you with aimless QQ about PvP balance and lack of content, and no longer calling everyone else carebears and noobs.

Camelot Unchained: The birth of an Idea

This post has been a long time coming. I pledged on day 1 of the kickstarter and about as much as I think I can afford in terms of my disposable income which will definitely make this month rather lean in terms of new games. The reason I was holding back, even though I am very enthusiastic about the project was that this is not a game yet. There is no real demo or preview of the engine. None of the mechanics and such are even determined yet, it is all just an idea at this stage.

Even when I did pledge it wasn’t because I had to in order for this game to get made, it was clear even then with close to 500k that my pledge wouldn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things. I just had too because here is an idea I was very happy to support, an idea that seems very close to my own interest and wishes, and an idea that has been underdeveloped of late.
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Camelot Unchained: the Dream Realised?

For every new release of information in a blog post or interview for the proposed Camelot Unchained I find myself slowly nodding my head in agreement. It seems like a game that is addressing everything that is wrong with the genre today, it isn’t just a rehash of the earlier mmo’s glory though but it definitely embodies the spirit of it. I find myself more and more excited to see this game become a reality and when the Kickstarter comes around I know I will be funding it regardless of whether or not it is for determining the level of investment.

The regular posts we have been getting as part of the wind up to the kickstarter have really invigorated my interest for the mmo genre, it is capable of so much and a return to more engaging and community orientated practices will be very welcome in the current market. From what I’ve read now Marc Jacobs just seems to understand the current feelings of mmo players, a deep understanding of what we want in a more hardcore mmo, for a game we want to live in and not just consume and leave it’s carcass behind. -Word Spam Ahoy>