Darkfall, a Sandbox without the Sand

There is something undeniably huge missing from Darkfall, something which in its absence makes the whole experience feel rather soulless. And now I know, Darkfall is a sandbox without the sand. That may sound a little weird at first but it perfectly explains the gameplay, community, and why it feels so lacking.
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A Sheep among Wolves: Darkfall

I admit that I am still a Darkfall noob, a hardcore PvP noob, and maybe even a little bit of a carebear despite my lust for combat. Apparently, by these social tags I’m probably not suited or even welcome in Darkfall, so decrees the trolls in global chat and the forums. I’m ridiculously stubborn though and very much wanted to experience this exclusive hardcore club I’d been missing out on and so far it has been a rather interesting experiment to say the least.

For me as it is a very new experience in terms of mechanics and gameplay as it is so far from what I’m used to; battlegrounds and instanced affairs mostly with the occasional no risk open world pvp. Suprisingly the experience is growing on me and after a couple of weeks of really not that much play I’ve started to get more and more into it. I still mostly have no idea what I’m doing or have any defined goals, I am unaware of feats I should be maximising for prowess or even how to allocate my stats and I’m perfectly happy with that.

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Deeper into Darkfall

Ok, so first of I just want to say that Darkfall does not suck, even if some could claim that. Mechanical and in terms of polish it is lacking in many areas and if I was going to judge it based on the standard areas with a numerical system it would fall into the maybe 4 range.. So technically speaking it’s mediocre at best but if that was all we were basing mmo’s on then your swtor and GW2 would have been a massive successes and brought the genre forwards.

But they aren’t and they didn’t because mmo’s at their core are more then the graphical fidelity and complexity of mechanics. What Darkfall does well, and what most mmo’s miss is that all encompassing feeling you get while exploring the world. A myriad of emotions mixed in with gameplay that make it better then the sum of its parts and moving towards that one massive goal of being a virtual world. In Darkfall I finally feel like an adventurer, a glorious and pathetic adventurer being apart of the world and carving out my own niche in the way I so choose. It creates a wonderfully rich feeling experience from the most basic and mundane tasks and promotes growth rather than completion.
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The Journey Continues: Darkfall

uggh where to begin…

It seems to me that Darkfall has fallen prey to the same sort of issue that face most new indie sand boxes, nothing is polished enough. A result usually of not enough time, money, and man power that results in a half assed game at best. You can see this lack through the world; blocky and limited landscape, graphical glitches, awful animations, clunky combat and just very little content. Darkfall fails in pretty much every area, the funny thing to is even comparing it to games of the last decade it doesn’t do that well.
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